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Opinions Coronavirus as a joker: opens up new opportunities for those who are ready to use them

“Our key skill is the ability to quickly adapt to conditions,” says Alexander Chulok

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Opinions “Distance learning has led to increased academic performance”

Self-isolation benefited schoolchildren in Chukotka

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Interview Psychologist: people were completely unprepared for self-isolation

Igor Lyubachevsky told how not to go crazy during quarantine and use the new mode with benefit

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Opinions “It's sad, but the fact is that soon the money will run out”

Head of Kamchatka's travel industry association: tour companies' margin of safety - until June

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Analytics Coronavirus warmed up the appetite of the Far East

Sales in the Far Eastern Federal District retail chains doubled due to quarantine

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Opinions “We will solve problems as they come”

Business in Chukotka is experiencing isolation and economic problems without panic

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Analytics Far East builds a barrier from COVID-19

How FEFD regions prepare to confront the coronavirus pandemic

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Amur Region DV mortgage in the Amur region caused unprecedented demand

Amur region will significantly increase the volume of construction to meet the needs of residents

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