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Analytics PSEDA enter the era of liquidation

Experts on which development areas in the Far East face closure

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Analytics Far East is left without an electronic visa

From 2021, there will not be a single Far Eastern Federal District airport left for entry using a simplified mechanism

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Amur Region Selam by FAPs: medicine in the Amur region becomes more accessible

26 feldsher and obstetric stations will be built in the Amur Region this year

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Chukotka What to do for an entrepreneur

They spare no effort and money to support small businesses in Chukotka

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Khabarovsk Krai Modernization in full swing: Amurstal on the way to design capacity

At the metallurgical plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, major overhaul of the equipment of the main shops continues

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Success story FPV resident paved his way with good asphalt

Tiger Mix produced about 200 thousand tons of mixture for seaside sidewalks and roads in a year

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Interview "It is important that there is a new innovative Far Eastern system"

Ruslan Sarkisov, General Director of the Far Eastern Federal District, on new innovative solutions for the Far Eastern Federal District

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Analytics According to the laws of covid time

The second wave of coronavirus hit the Far East harder than the spring

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