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Electronic newsletter EastRussia ("East of Russia") - a specialized information product, prepared for distribution by subscription on a fee basis.

Weekly, the newsletter includes exclusive information occasions from representatives of federal authorities (Minvostokrazvitiya of Russia, the Ministry of Energy of Russia, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, etc.), regional governments and administrations, public and private businesses.

Expert materials are published in the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, leading Russian scientific centers and universities. EastRussia news agency has become The most authoritative profile media, focused on The Far East of Russia. Download presentation View an example


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Analytics Spirited Away by Coronavirus: Far Eastern Federal District risks being left without workers

Due to the closure of borders at the construction and agricultural facilities of the Far East there will be no one to work

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Analytics Coronavirus warmed up the appetite of the Far East

Sales in the Far Eastern Federal District retail chains doubled due to quarantine

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Analytics Far East builds a barrier from COVID-19

How FEFD regions prepare to confront the coronavirus pandemic

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Amur Region DV mortgage in the Amur region caused unprecedented demand

Amur region will significantly increase the volume of construction to meet the needs of residents

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Analytics The currency jump has led to logistics costs in the Far Eastern Federal District

Course growth and coronavirus have affected international traffic in the Far East

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Analytics Among the leaders: Russia showed an increase in the export of building materials

Official statistics record a stable and significant increase in indicators for a wide range of domestic goods over the past years.

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Trans-Baikal Territory Stumbling Pines: Chita runs the risk of being left without a new hospital

In Transbaikalia disputes flared up over the site of the alleged construction of a children's medical facility

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Analytics From general to private: the Far East is trying to abandon CBMs

Experts called not to rush with the liquidation of enterprises with state participation in the Far Eastern Federal District

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