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The draft law on TORs is an attempt to extend the experience of Skolkovo in the Far East - an expert of the Kudrin Foundation

The project manager of the Kudrin Foundation, the chairman of the Expert Council of the Union of Russian Cities, the expert of the Committee of Civil Initiatives (CGI) Andrey Maximov commented on the currently adopted law "On the territories of advanced socio-economic development." According to him, the Federal Law looks like an attempt to spread the experience of the Skolkovo innovation center, first in the Russian Far East, and then in other regions. The press service of the KGI reports.

“The experience of creating such a zone with a special regime of entrepreneurship, apparently, was recognized as positive, as a result, practically, the“ novelties ”of the adopted law look like the replication of the Skolkovo model. This is the creation of a management company with 100 percent state participation, to which the main functions of state and municipal management are transferred - from coordinating economic activities to managing the social sphere. In fact, the territories in question are “withdrawn” from the federal legal field and live according to special laws. This approach has its advantages, but it raises several questions that still remain unanswered, ”said Andrei Maksimov.

In particular, according to the expert, this approach proceeds from the understanding that only the state can determine the priorities of economic activity, choose the right directions for innovative business and its specific players, for whom it will create greenhouse conditions in its own place. “With this approach, there is, frankly, little room for private initiative, and without it, a creative fuse and planned creativity may not appear. However, it is possible that under the current state system, even in the innovation sphere, only projects initiated and implemented “from above” can be successful, ”he noted.

In addition, the member of the OIG noted that it is not very logical to limit the scope of the law only to the regions of the Far East for the next three years. “Obviously, at least the Baikal macroregion is discriminated against, which is very close to the Far Eastern Federal District in terms of its geographical location, economic and geopolitical role and has historically developed in conjunction with it. But it would be most logical not to limit the operation of the law to individual parts of the country, since their own “points of growth” should be formed, at least, in each macro-region, ”said Andrei Maksimov.

In his opinion, it is necessary to understand that the implementation of the law carries serious costs, which are unlikely to become realistic in the face of shrinking budgetary opportunities. Thus, in this situation, the main problem of the law may be that his good intentions in the absence of funds can remain only on paper.

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