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Over eight months through the Far Eastern Customs exported more than five million cubic meters of timber

The share of the Far Eastern Customs Administration (DVTU) in the total Russian timber exports in absolute terms accounts for about 33% of unprocessed timber and 9% of wood processed. According to the results of 8 months of 2014, the volume of exports through the customs of the Tatarstan timber of unprocessed timber reached 4,1 million cubic meters. m and processed 1 million cube. m, the press service of the Far Eastern Customs.

In the structure of timber exports, there is a tendency towards a shift in exports towards the prevalence of unprocessed timber, while the share of processed timber is decreasing. Today, the share of unprocessed timber in the export of timber reaches 76%, while the share of timber processed in Russia is about 18%. The share of exports of other timber products (fuel wood, wood construction products, other wood products) is insignificant and amounts to 6%.

Timber exports are traditionally harvested in the Far East by coniferous wood species: pine, larch, spruce. Among hardwoods, the basis of exports is aspen, birch, as well as valuable species: ash and oak.

The main consumers of Russian timber in the Far East are the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Korea and Japan. In addition, in 2014, small amounts of timber were exported to the DPRK, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and EU countries.

Over the past period 2014, the customs of the region on the facts of the movement of timber across the customs border of the Customs Union initiated 22 criminal cases. The largest number of criminal cases (20) initiated by the smuggling of strategic goods and resources (part 1 of the article 226.1 of the Criminal Code of Russia). The number of crime items was 5, 8 thousand cubic meters. m. cost 43,1 million rubles.

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