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Y. Makarov: Eastern investors have confidence and interest in the Far East

At a meeting on the socio-economic development of the Jewish Autonomous Region, held today in Birobidzhdan, Governor A. Vinnikov said that a number of investment projects are currently being implemented in the region, the largest of which is a project to develop and develop the Kimkan and Sutarsky iron ore deposits, building on their base mining and processing plant in Obluchensky area.

Yuri Makarov, General Director of Petropavlovsk - Ferrous Metallurgy, told Prime Minister Medvedev and everyone present in more detail about the implementation of the company's investment projects in the Far East in general and in the Jewish Autonomous Region, in particular.

“We have been building enterprises in the Far East for 20 years, so far four gold miners have been built, one iron ore and another iron ore are being built here. These are all completely new businesses. We built them, starting from the earliest stages of exploration, we designed them ourselves, we carried out all the surveys ourselves. All these enterprises are not reconstructed old, Soviet, but completely new, made in the Far East. Over these 20 years we have created here about 15 thousands of jobs. This is a very big, difficult task. In addition to the actual production enterprises, our structure includes, of course, all kinds of auxiliary (such as geological exploration and construction organizations).

It was noted that the Olekminsk mine was already in operation for 4, the command to start production of which, Dmitry Medvedev gave, during his visit to the Amur Region, in 2010.

“We produce about 1 mn tons of iron ore concentrate. It is in very good demand in the global market. But among our clients there are also Russian enterprises, in particular VSMPO-AVISMA, which is engaged in the production of aircraft parts. When talking to investors, I very often use this fact to emphasize that we produce a very high-quality product, which is used even in the Boeings you fly in and Airbus, and this means that we are a very reliable supplier, very reliable borrower ”said Yuri Makarov.

In addition, he noted that there is trust and interest of eastern investors in the Far East. “We are often asked how these projects are financed. We spend a lot of money on construction. We have been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for several years now, and we are widely known there. And the fact that we collect money mainly only there suggests that investors trust, including the Far East of the Russian Federation. The only thing that needs to be done is to correctly, competently give them information about the projects that exist here, and they will be ready to take the risk to invest in production somewhere here. "

Now the Kimkano-Sutarsky mining and processing plant is under construction in the Jewish Autonomous Region. The first ore samples were obtained, which will be used by cement producers for the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome. Construction is not finished yet, but will be completed by the end of the year, Makarov promised. The company's future plans include the development of the Garinskoe deposit in the Amur Region.

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