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Doctor: coronavirus causes heart problems

Doctor: coronavirus causes heart problems
Nisha Parikh, a UCLA cardiologist and M.D., listed the cardiovascular disorders caused by the coronavirus. According to her, some of the consequences are fatal.

Doctor in an interview with the publication Medicalxpress said that in the first weeks of the disease, patients have serious problems with the efficiency of pumping blood, as well as inflammation of the heart muscle itself and the membrane around it. It has become the direct confirmed cause of death in hundreds of cases.

In addition to the symptoms that appear directly during the infection, cardiologists have recorded the delayed effects of COVID-19 on the heart. These are chest pains, palpitations up to light-headedness or fainting, as well as dizziness, which is accompanied by neurological symptoms: brain fog, headaches, numbness, and other sensations in various parts of the body.

Similar phenomena were found in patients of different ages, including young people and even those who suffered from the disease without symptoms. This also applies to such negative consequences as inflammation or scarring of the heart muscle.

In addition, there is evidence that the virus directly infects the lining of blood vessels. This can cause increased blood clots in the lungs and lower limbs.

Earlier, scientists and doctors have already reported on numerous violations in the work of other body systems caused by coronavirus infection, starting with an increased autoimmune dysfunctionending with problems with teeth and gums... At the same time, as a rule, experts note that the collection of information on the symptoms and consequences of COVID-19 is still ongoing and it is too early to draw final conclusions.
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