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Russians will be able to reduce property tax

Russians will be able to reduce property tax

Russians will be able to reduce property tax by 20-30%. This can be done after challenging the cadastral value of housing. Also, the country can enter a correction factor when evaluating real estate.

According to information "Izvestia", Proposals to reduce the tax on real estate were developed in the" All-Russian Popular Front ". According to experts, overestimation of the cadastral value of housing occurs often, especially for old housing. When assessing since 2015, only the cadastral value of land is used, and depreciation of houses is often not taken into account. Cadastral revaluation takes place no more often than once every three years and no less than every five years.

Taxpayers understand that their apartment has been mistakenly valued more expensive only when a tax invoice arrives. After that, you need to dispute the cadastral value yourself: take an extract from Rosreestr, contact an appraiser, submit an application to the commission on tax disputes or go to court.

Before tax, preliminary assessment results are posted on the websites of regional authorities. But finding your apartment in that volume of data across the entire region is difficult, although it is much easier to dispute the preliminary estimate.

At the suggestion of the ONF, the preliminary cadastral value could be sent to citizens personally through the portal of State Services. So people will be able to reduce the tax by 20-30% - this is the difference in estimates that happens most often. In addition, the ONF proposes to introduce a correction factor or a moratorium on increasing the cadastral value of housing, as a new measure to support citizens during a pandemic.

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