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"Vostochny Port" celebrated the 50th anniversary of the All-Union shock Komsomol construction site

"Vostochny Port" celebrated the 50th anniversary of the All-Union shock Komsomol construction site
Photo: the press service of JSC "East Port"

Vostochny Port JSC, Vostochny Port Foundation, guests and residents of Wrangel on a grand scale celebrated the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the All-Union Shock Komsomol Construction Project (VUKS) - Vostochny Port. The festivities started at the House of Culture of the village.

The holiday began by honoring the veterans-pioneers, yesterday's Komsomol members - young men and women, who came from all over the Soviet Union to the shores of Wrangel Bay from all over the Soviet Union on Komsomol vouchers and at the call of their hearts to build the country's most powerful giant port, previously of unprecedented proportions. The great achievements begun by young people on the Pacific coast are now being continued by their children and grandchildren - they are building up and modernizing production facilities at their own enterprise, mastering new technologies, while paying great attention to environmental protection.

The cycle of events dedicated to the 50th anniversary of VUKS was continued by the volunteer clean-up organized by Vostochny Port JSC as part of the annual Eco-marathon campaign. After a vigorous workout “Charging of Champions”, led by the Governor of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako, a team of port workers, volunteers of the Vostochny Port Foundation and residents of Wrangel, together cleaned the central streets, planted more than a hundred ornamental trees and bushes in the squares.   

The culmination of the celebration of the half-century anniversary of the shock Komsomol construction project in Wrangel Bay was a large theatrical concert of the creative teams of Nakhodka and Primorsky Krai, organized by Vostochny Port JSC and the Vostochny Port Foundation. For the significant event, the stevedoring company has decorated the streets with bright red banners with festive symbols, erected a large thematic stage in the center of the microdistrict.

“The Komsomol first builders of the Vostochny Port are that golden constellation, which needs to express not only words of gratitude, but also to work themselves so that they are not ashamed before them. I am sure that today's leaders of Vostochny Port JSC are doing everything to ensure that it remains a powerful transport hub in the Far East, - said the head of the region Oleg Kozhemyako in his welcoming speech to the participants of the holiday. “Today Vostochny Port is the most environmentally friendly in the country, it is dynamically developing, and its employees have confidence in their future and in the future of the enterprise”.

“Today is a truly wonderful holiday - 50 years ago hundreds of young people came to the shores of Wrangel Bay to build the deepest, most powerful port in the Far East. Simultaneously with the dumping of the berths, the entire infrastructure of the village was built - houses, schools, kindergartens, hospitals - all this was built by your hands, dear first builders, - Vadim Baibak, Managing Director of Vostochny Port JSC, President of Vostochny Port Fund, joined the governor's words. - Now your children and your grandchildren continue your business in Porto. Low bow to you for everything! "

The officials who opened the holiday were able to contribute to the history of Wrangel, together with representatives of the founders of the Eastern Port, took part in the artistic painting of the city wall in the center of the village. Governor Oleg Kozhemyako was assisted in creating the elements of the panel in the marine theme by one of the legends of the pioneers of the Eastern Port, Nadezhda Snytko (Zhavoronkova), who in the 70s of the last century headed the advanced team of plasterers and painters. Antonina Toklikishvili and the duet Brilliance, Vladimir Sidorenko and Vlad Stryuk, Olga Mazitova and the honored collective of the Primorsky Territory, the exemplary children's vocal group "Recognition", the folk ensemble "Chkhilson", show ballets " Midance "and" Tertsiya ", the WTF taekwondo team" Vostochnik ", other groups and performers. Also, children and adults were not allowed to get bored with a variety of competitions with prizes, animator shows and treats. The bright finale of the holiday was a colorful daytime fireworks that shot up into the sky over the central Wrangel square.

It should be noted that participation in the improvement and social life of Wrangel is a long-standing good tradition for the city-forming enterprise JSC "Vostochny Port". Every year, the stevedoring company takes an active part in the New Year's decoration of Wrangel, themed decoration of its streets for the Great Victory Day, the organization of events for significant national, national and professional holidays. Among the 12 social development programs, the Vostochny Port Foundation is implementing the Comfortable Environment program on the territory of Wrangel, the goal of which is to make the microdistrict better and more comfortable for people's lives.

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