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The authorities of Sakhalin: we must now take care of the airbag for 2016-2017 years

Speaking the other day with a program statement, the Sakhalin governor noted that the decline in oil and gas prices on the world market naturally affected the Sakhalin Oblast, a region in which the extraction and processing of hydrocarbons brings about 70 percent of the revenues to the regional treasury. “We believe that the price of oil will fluctuate around $ 50 per barrel. A $ 10 price cut automatically deducts RUB 2 billion. from the regional budget. Therefore, we must take care of the airbag now. And such a task was set, part of the additional income will be used to increase it in order to live 2016-2017 with the least problems ", - explained the head of the Sakhalin region.

However, if we talk about an increase in the price of the dollar, we get the opposite situation: "We formed the budget 2015 year from the calculation of 37,7 rub. for the dollar. Due to the fact that the dollar has grown significantly in recent years, we will get a good additional income at the beginning of this year, when the operators of oil and gas projects pay with us ", - said Alexander Khoroshavin.

The region goes along the beaten track. A similar situation developed in the region during the previous economic crisis of 2008-2009. Measures taken by the authorities at that time allowed the region to survive a difficult period without any noticeable upheavals.

In addition, the Sakhalin governor recalled that the island region is deeply integrated into the Asia-Pacific region, where economic growth is still observed. At the same time, more than 90 percent of the foreign trade turnover of Sakhalin and the Kuril region is exported. Outside the country, about 85% of extracted oil, more than 60% of natural gas, about three quarters of coal and up to 30% of water and biological resources goes. "Carrying out costs in rubles, and receiving revenues in currency, our export-oriented enterprises have good chances in the conditions of devaluation of the ruble to increase its competitiveness", - said the Governor Alexander Khoroshavin.

According to Andrei Kovalenko, the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in the Sakhalin Oblast: "It is important that the region is not going to curtail measures aimed at supporting such important sectors for our region as construction, fisheries, agriculture." This is important insofar as they employ a large number of employees.

In general, despite the regime of economy, the Sakhalin authorities constantly emphasize that they are not going to turn out of their achievements in the sphere of social policy. "We need to see what can be postponed for later: some construction projects, the reconstruction of some objects. But we will fulfill social obligations quite accurately, - said the deputy of the Sakhalin regional Duma Sergei Zaritsky. - Now we need to focus on what, first of all, requires help - for example, small and medium-sized businesses, local commodity producers. It is required to remove administrative barriers, compensate bank rates, give state guarantees to business. This will definitely give impetus to development. "

In the next two weeks an anti-crisis plan should be created in the region, which will provide for the preservation of socially important items of budget expenditures, such as support for pensioners, children, mothers and low-income groups. "Next year we plan to generate cash income of the population at the level of 45 thousand rubles, and the average salary at the level of 60 thousand rubles."- Alexander Khoroshavin assures. 

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