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Vladimir Pechenyi: "Our joint actions on the same agenda guarantee the prosperity of Kolyma and Russia"

Governor of Magadan Region Vladimir Pechenyi commented on EastRussia Message from the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

The head of the territory noted that the President's Address is multifaceted. But it is important that once again it firmly and clearly states: Russia is an independent, sovereign state. She is ready to answer all the challenges of the time, can and will successfully develop.

Vladimir Pechenyi drew attention to the fact that the President had a capacious characterization of the conditions in which our country found itself, the problems that we constantly face, and formulated a program of priority measures and actions on the most important issues.

The Governor of the Magadan Region emphasized the importance of supporting small businesses in the Address of the President of the Russian Federation. A 4-year tax freeze for already established small businesses, tax holidays for start-up businesses, a reduction in endless and often meaningless checks, the requirement to make them public - all this will contribute to the active development of small businesses in every region of the country and increase its contribution to the Russian economy.

According to Vladimir Pechenyi, the proposals of the President, expressed in the Address, aimed at developing the social sphere, improving the demographic policy, and maximizing the use of insurance medicine mechanisms, are very important. “In recent years, there has been a natural population growth in our region,” said the head of the Golden Kolyma, “and we intend to maintain positive dynamics. We will pay maximum attention to solving the most important problems for the Magadan Region: the construction of modern healthcare facilities. We will put into operation all ongoing projects on time to provide the northerners with high-quality medical care. "

Vladimir Pechenyi not without satisfaction noted that the area today has almost reached 100% provision in places in kindergartens of preschool children from 3 to 7 years. "The head of state said in his Address to the Federal Assembly how important the successful implementation of the May decrees was, and first of all, the possibility of organizing all children in pre-school educational institutions. He regretfully stated that in our schools 2,5 million children study on the second shift. And in many of our schools classes are on the second shift. It is necessary to build new educational institutions. V.V. Putin instructed us to formulate an understandable program for commissioning modern schools, I am confident that this will help us in the near future to create such necessary new study places for young Kolyma residents, "the Magadan Governor is sure.

Very valuable is the head of the Golden Kolyma and the state support of talented children and youth, who spoke to the Federal Assembly and, in fact, to all Russians, the President of the Russian Federation. "We supported the talented young northerners before and continue our strategy of supporting young people through grants, scholarships, think over new incentives for talented students and students. The proposals made today in the St. George Hall of the Kremlin will undoubtedly help us improve the educational system, form the basis for the training of qualified professional personnel - young, energetic, inquisitive. All this will increase the competitiveness of our territory. "

Especially close to the Magadan governor is the unflagging attention of the head of state to the importance of intensive development of the Far East, the strengthening of his economy through the creation of territories for outpacing socio-economic development, and improving the quality of life of the Far East. "The Far East remains a priority region in the state development policy of Russia. The state will support the projects planned and already implemented in our macroregion that will improve the comfort of life in the Far East, accelerate the development of all the regions and regions of the Far Eastern Federal District, "Vladimir Pechenyi emphasized. Pushing off the RF President's proposal to accelerate the adoption of the Law on TORs, he said that work on a draft law on extending the Special Economic Zone in Magadan to the end of 2025 will be completed in the near future and the region will receive another effective tool to improve the investment climate in Kolyma, its investment attractiveness.

The Magadan Governor expressed confidence that in our capabilities to continue the successful implementation of projects of significance for the territory that contribute to the economic breakthrough of the Golden Kolyma and the consolidation of our country's positions in the Asia-Pacific region.

Vladimir Pecheny admitted that he liked the close attention of the President and to such problems as "roads" for our territories. “The head of state demanded to triple the work on the reconstruction of both federal and regional roads. And we will focus our efforts on the effective use of all opportunities in order to develop the transport and energy infrastructure of Kolyma, the whole of the Extreme Northeast, as soon as possible and implement all our plans. As Vladimir Vladimirovich accurately put it, the guarantee of success is the solidarity of the state and society, our joint actions are on the same agenda, ”summed up Vladimir Pecheny. 

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