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Vice Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev was pleased with the activities of the leadership of Kamchatka to ensure stability in the region

The second meeting, which was held today by Yuri Trutnev, the presidential envoy in the Far Eastern Federal District, was devoted to the implementation of the plan of priority measures to ensure sustainable development of the economy and social stability of the Kamchatka Krai.

According to EastRussia, the vice-premier was pleased with the activities of the region's leadership in building economic and social policy during the crisis period. “The measures that the leadership of the region have now reported about are very precisely built in accordance with federal priorities. The management correctly understands where to move, how to develop in a difficult economic situation and create reserves in case of its complications ", - said Yury Trutnev.

In his estimation, the situation with the decline in oil prices did not significantly affect the structure of the region's economy, because Kamchatka is practically independent of the revenues of the oil industry. At the same time, he stressed that the leadership of Kamchatka has a lot of work to do, since the region has a very low level of the region's own revenues to budget expenditures. “You just need to develop the economy. The fact that we are now establishing assistance for investment projects, for ASEZs, and there is a road in this direction ", - the vice-premier said. He also added that the issue of energy development will be discussed separately.

The Plenipotentiary of the President in the Far Eastern Federal District told journalists about the problems faced by local entrepreneurs who participated in the meeting on the implementation of the plan of priority measures to ensure sustainable development of the economy and social stability of the Kamchatka Territory. The business community drew attention to the fact that in the region frequent checks with requests for large amounts of information. Yuri Trutnev came to an understanding with understanding and instructed the staff of the plenipotentiary to clarify this state of affairs with managing organizations. "If they walk one after another - it's easier for us to reduce them"- said Deputy Prime Minister.

Earlier EastRussia published a comment by the head of the Kamchatka Krai on developing a plan of priority measures to ensure sustainable development of the economy and social stability of the region.

At the end of the year, Kamchatka showed a stable economic growth. The volume of GRP increased by 1 billion and exceeded 146 billion rubles. "We expected higher indicators, but the overall decline and a decline in investment activity still affected the economy of the region. To avoid negative consequences, we have started implementing a set of measures that will allow our economy not only to survive the crisis with the least losses, but also to get out of it with growth " - Vladimir Ilyukhin approved.

First of all, this is state support for priority sectors of the economy. Experience has shown that tax, property benefits and preferences, industry support programs allow to stimulate investment activity, to ensure production growth. For example, the region by the end of the year again became the leader in the country in terms of investment in the fishing industry. Over the past years, this sector has invested more than 13 billion rubles. Now, according to the Governor, the implementation of the two largest projects in Kamchatka on construction of fish processing plants with a total investment of more than 2,2 billion rubles. A similar situation in the mining industry: the increase in the extraction of precious metals in Kamchatka in 2014 increased by a quarter, the volume of investments exceeded 4 billion rubles. In the summer, it is planned to launch the largest ore processing plant in Kamchatka, with a capacity of more than 4 tons of gold per year (while in 2014 a little more than 3 tons was produced in the region). In agriculture, too, a good increase - 11%. Thanks to measures on import substitution and state support, the region plans to increase the production of its own food products.

The second important area is support for small and medium-sized businesses, which today is in the most difficult situation. Last year, about 580 million rubles were allocated for these purposes. This year it is planned to preserve the entire volume of state support measures for business. Also, it was decided not to increase interest rates on loans in the state fund of entrepreneurship support - they are kept at the level of 10 to 14%. In conditions of high interest rates, loans to the regional fund are in high demand and allow the business to promptly solve the tasks of current functioning and further development.

Another important layer of tasks is the regulation of the labor market and targeted support of citizens. The whole volume of social assistance to residents, according to the head of the region, will be preserved. Particular attention will be paid to employment risks. Taking into account the shortage of labor resources, a program of advanced retraining for demanded professions and an internship program for young specialists is being prepared in the region. The possible reserves of migration policy are also taken into account: last year, the volume of the quota for attracting foreigners was reduced almost five times, this year - already at 8 times. One of the possible mechanisms of influence - the introduction of restrictions when attracting foreigners on patents. This measure is now being worked out by the line ministries. The task of the region, according to Vladimir Ilyukhin - to save jobs for the inhabitants of Kamchatka.

And the last major direction is the development of the market for housing construction and mortgage lending. Great hopes are placed on federal measures of support in this direction. It is very important not to allow social tension due to a sharp increase in the interest rate, the Governor explains. At the regional level, support measures will be maintained for mortgage lending for young families, housing programs for young professionals. As a result of the past year, the increase in the construction of residential buildings in the province amounted to 6%. At the same time, the volume of commercial construction has grown more than 1.5 times. At the same time, the key program for the region is the federal program to improve the stability of residential buildings, since a huge amount of housing stock has a high seismic deficit and stop the work on resettlement of such houses is impossible, primarily from the point of view of the security of citizens.

"Undoubtedly, the difficult economic situation in the country will affect Kamchatka and the entire Far East. But even in difficult conditions, we have strengths that will enable us to survive a difficult period without special losses, start new projects and give impetus to the development of our own production ", - told EastRussia Governor of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Ilyukhin.

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