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The ancient religion of the Yakut people is officially recognized in Russia.

The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation has registered an organization of believers in the traditional pantheon of the gods of Yakutia - "Religion Aar Aiyy". Thus, the ancient religion of the Yakut people was officially recognized in Russia, which was widespread in the region until the end of the XNUMXth century, when the people of Yakutia began to massively convert to Orthodoxy. Today, followers of aiyy talk about the restoration of the traditions of their faith, the northern branch of Tiengrianism - the cult of the deified sky, reports the portal SmartNews.

According to the head of the organization "Religion Aar Aiyy" Augustina Yakovleva, the final registration took place in May this year. "How many people believe in aiyy now, we do not know. Our religion is very ancient, but with the arrival of Christianity in Yakutia, it lost many believers, but the people have always had followers of aiyy. Previously, we did not have a written language, and people passed all information from mouth to mouth. And by the time the letter appeared in Yakutia, Orthodoxy had come here - in the middle of the XNUMXth century, "she told the portal.

In 2009 the first information site on Tengrianism was opened in Yakutia

"The creation of the site is associated with the religion of the Sakha people, which not only preserved traditional rituals, but also the language. We expect that in the future the site will become a visiting card of the culture of the indigenous peoples of Yakutia, who maintain a spiritual connection with their ancestors," a representative of the republican ministry said at the time for entrepreneurship, tourism development and employment, which initiated the creation of the site.

Tengrianism - the system of religious beliefs of the ancient Mongols and Turks. The etymology of the word goes back to Tengri - the deified sky. Tengriism arose on the basis of the people's worldview, which embodied the early religious and mythological ideas related to the attitude of man to the surrounding nature and its elemental forces. A peculiar and characteristic feature of this religion is the kinship of a person with the outside world, nature.

"Tengrianism was so different from Buddhism, Islam and Christianity that spiritual contacts between representatives of these religions could not be possible. Monotheism, worship of ancestral spirits, pantheism (worship of the spirits of nature), magic, shamanism and even elements of totemism are intricately and surprisingly organically intertwined in it. . The only religion with which Tengrism had much in common is the Japanese national religion - Shintoism, "the representative of the republican ministry concluded.

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