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Primorye will develop a new technology in the energy sector

Professor of Tohoku University (Japan) Kaoru Maruta is launching a scientific grant from the Government of the Russian Federation at the Far Eastern Federal University. Under his leadership, in the next three years, prospective studies of new combustion technologies will be carried out at FEFU. The base for the large Russian-Japanese team of scientists, which also includes representatives of the Engineering School and the School of Natural Sciences, is the International Laboratory of Combustion and Energy of the FEFU. APR PRESS referring to the press service of the FEFU.

Professor Kaoru Maruta won the open competition of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation at the end of 2013. As the scientist himself said, his colleague, FEFU professor Sergei Minaev, who two years ago won the competition to attract world-renowned scientists to the university, invited him to participate in the competition and founded the International Laboratory of Combustion and Energy at the university.

- Our project is dedicated to new combustion technologies with heat and mass recovery. After combustion in any device, we have a very hot exhaust gas that is usually released into the atmosphere. The idea is to return the heat from this gas back to the furnace, thereby increasing the efficiency of the entire process. The new technology saves up to 30% of fuel and reduces the size of the burners, said Professor Kaoru Maruta. “In addition, this technology allows realizing a flameless combustion mode, which significantly reduces emissions of harmful substances, in particular, nitrogen oxides. As part of the grant, we are going to apply the idea of ​​combustion with the return of heat and mass to any type of fuel and determine the minimum limit at which combustion occurs and can be sustained.

The Japanese scientist also emphasized that 90% of the world's energy comes from combustion. This is why any technology that saves fuel is essential. According to him, the return of heat can be effectively used in all types of burners, including engines of cars, airplanes, gas turbines - wherever fuel is burned.

Maruta Kaoru hopes that the practical result of the grant implementation can be the promotion of a new technology in the energy sector. The idea of ​​the Russian-Japanese team of scientists already today attracts the attention of representatives of heavy industry and the space agency of Japan. The researcher is confident that Russian companies will be able to be interested in new combustion technologies.

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