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In the near future, the speed of the train can be three times higher than the speed of the aircraft

Chinese scientists are sure that in the near future the speed of a train may be three times the speed of an airplane.

Scientists from China's Southwest Jiaotong University, located in Chengdu, have successfully tested a "super-maglev" capable of reaching speeds of 2900 km / h. A scaled-down model of a magnetic levitation train moves inside an annular vacuum tunnel with a diameter of only 12 meters, Xinhua News Agency reports.

The air pressure inside the vacuum tunnel is ten times lower than the atmospheric pressure, thanks to this, the maglev is theoretically capable of developing a colossal velocity.

Currently, the Shanghai Maglev, the world's first commercial train on a magnetic cushion, transports passengers at speeds of 431 km / h. At the same time more than 83% of energy goes to overcome air resistance. Shanghai Maglev connects the Lunyan Lu metro station to Pudong International Airport, the high-speed train travels 30 km in just 7 minutes 20 seconds.

The name "maglev" is an abbreviation of two English words "magnetic levitation" - "magnetic levitation". A high-speed train moves along a magnetic monorail, while in the process of movement it does not touch the surface of the rail, but, as it were, "flies" over the railroad bed due to the force of the electromagnetic field.

The inventors of the "vacuum super-maglev" hope that high-speed technologies will soon find application in the aerospace and military industries.

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