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The list of types of preparatory works approved before obtaining permission for the construction of infrastructure facilities TOP

The list of types of preparatory work, the execution of which is allowed before obtaining a permit for the construction of facilities necessary for the placement of infrastructure facilities of the TOR, includes:

1. Geodetic center works for construction.

2. Implementation of a set of measures for labor protection and safe work.

3. Breakdown in kind of the main axes of buildings and structures and their fastening points and signs.

4. Placement and construction of temporary buildings and facilities for industrial, warehouse, residential and public use, temporary sources and networks of power supply, heat supply, water supply, communications, temporary treatment facilities, lighting facilities, signaling facilities.

5. Exemption of land from trees and shrubs, including removal and disposal of solid waste and partial construction of shields to protect green spaces.

6. Exemption of the construction site for the construction and installation works, including:

a) clearing the territory;

b) dismantling and demolition of buildings and structures;

c) transfer and reorganization of engineering networks, communications that fall into the construction zone;

d) removal and disposal of MSW.

7. Drainage of the territory of the construction site, carrying out of other measures on it related to the termination or change of water use conditions, as well as environmental protection and the elimination of unfavorable construction conditions.

8. Lowering the groundwater level and drainage (drainage and drainage) at the construction site.

9. Bank protection device.

10. The device crane tracks.

11. The construction of a fence for the construction site, the organization of the access control regime.

12. Providing a construction site with fire-fighting water supply and equipment.

13. The device storage areas and facilities for materials, structures and equipment.

14. Engineering preparation of the location of infrastructure objects of the territory of advanced socio-economic development, including objects of transport, energy, utilities, engineering, social, innovation and other infrastructures located in the territory of advanced socio-economic development, as well as these infrastructure objects located outside such territory, but ensuring its functioning, including construction:

a) access roads and temporary roads;

b) temporary moorings;

c) power lines with transformer substations (up to 1000 B);

d) water supply networks and water intake facilities;

e) gas supply networks and gas distribution facilities;

f) sewers with sewage treatment plants;

g) residential settlements for builders;

h) facilities for production and auxiliary purposes;

i) facilities and communication devices for construction management;

j) embankments and berthing facilities.

15. Exploratory drilling and ground exploration.

16. Land works, namely:

a) removal and storage of fertile soil layer (in the presence of environmental impact assessment);

b) ground development;

c) soil compaction and strengthening;

D) vertical planning of the site;

e) soil movement;

e) device embankments.

17. Device sheet piling.

18. Device retaining walls.

19. Landscape work.

20. The device of auxiliary structures and adaptations.

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