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Otkritie MC launched five new exchange-traded funds

Otkritie MC launched five new exchange-traded funds

On September 6, Otkritie Asset Management launched five new exchange-traded mutual funds and formed a line of seven BIFs focused on key sectors of the global economy. Funds allow clients to capitalize on the growth of the securities of successful European, American and Asian companies.

According to the press service of Otkritie Bank, it is possible to invest in ready-made portfolios of stocks and bonds of the leading issuers of Russia, the USA, Europe and Asia. Shares of funds are traded on the Moscow Exchange and are available for up to RUB 100 in the broker's trading applications. Otkritie MC's line of exchange-traded funds covers the basic needs of all categories of investors. It includes different types of strategies focused on the shares of the leading companies in the USA, Asia, Europe and Russia, as well as the bonds of the USA and Russia, namely the BIF: “Otkritie - RF Shares”, “Otkritie - RF Bonds”, “Otkritie - US Stocks "," Opening - US Bonds "," Opening - European Stocks "," Opening - Asia Stocks "," Opening - All Weather ".

Otkritie Management Company has formed a line in such a way that each investor can choose a fund that meets his needs: funds are focused on different classes of assets and investment currencies, wide geographical coverage, as well as different levels of risk.

Clients who prefer a portfolio approach to investments will receive a particular advantage: investors can assemble a diversified portfolio from conservative, balanced and risky strategies.

With relatively low commissions, Otkritie Management Company makes it possible to enter the global investment market without the status of a qualified investor - clients will not have to go through additional procedures related to qualification or testing.

Units can be bought at the Moscow Exchange trades in the main currency of the fund (euros, dollars or rubles). Moreover, all seven funds are available for purchase in rubles. This allows clients to participate in the growth of the foreign currency denominated assets included in the fund, saving on currency conversion costs.

The line meets the needs of all clients, regardless of the investment horizon. However, long-term investment (from three years) allows the client to receive an additional bonus in the form of tax exemption. At the same time, income from investments not exceeding three million rubles per year is subject to tax incentives. Thus, tax will have to be paid only if the client earns more than nine million rubles on investments in three years. An additional tax deduction can be obtained when purchasing units to an already opened IIS account.

So that clients can invest, including in their free time, they can buy or sell shares from 10:00 to 23:50 Moscow time.

“By launching a line of BIFs, we expand the boundaries and provide both experienced investors and beginners with the opportunity to choose the most suitable investment strategy for themselves without any restrictions. Our line of BPIFs is the result of a careful study of the needs of our clients and the demand in the market as a whole. Therefore, we are confident that investors will appreciate the benefits of each of the products separately and the overall synergistic effect of investing in all Otkritie stock exchange funds simultaneously in the aggregate portfolio. The formation of the line was largely facilitated by the actions of the regulator, which seeks to make the collective investment market understandable and accessible to novice investors, "commented Otkritie MC CEO Konstantin Fedulinsky.

To purchase fund units, you need to find them in the broker's trading applications by tickers: OPNR ("Opening - RF Shares"), OPNB ("Opening - RF Bonds"), OPNS ("Opening - US Shares"), OPNU ("Opening - US Bonds "), OPNE (" Opening - European Stocks "), OPNA (" Opening - Asian Stocks "), OPNW (" Opening - All Weather ").

You can open a brokerage account "Otkritie Broker" remotely by downloading the application on the company's website using the link, as well as in any branch of the bank "Otkritie" / "Otkritie Broker".

“Today, more than 100 exchange-traded funds are traded on the Moscow Exchange, and their number is steadily growing. Thanks to the emergence of new funds, investors receive additional options for diversifying their investments. This year, two million people made transactions with exchange-traded funds on the Moscow Exchange. We welcome new funds of Otkritie Management Company on the Moscow Exchange, ”said Boris Blokhin, Director of the Moscow Exchange's Equity Market Department.

The funds are launched with the support of the ATON group of companies, the largest market-maker of exchange-traded funds on the Moscow Exchange.

“Exchange traded funds are gaining an increasing place in investment portfolios, providing access to global markets for unqualified investors. The Otkritie MC funds cover almost all asset classes, and the Otkritie-Vsepodniy fund, taken separately, is one of the striking examples of a portfolio approach to investment. With the increase in the number of funds, the opportunities for private investors are expanding, and the tax advantages remain, "said Yaroslav Podsevatkin, head of ATON trading.


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