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Scientists: coronavirus mutated and became infectious

Scientists: coronavirus mutated and became infectious

American researchers have found that a new mutated type of coronavirus can infect nine times as many people. The mutated virus came to the USA from Europe.

A study by a group of scientists from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the United States published in the journal Cell. This is not their first study of coronavirus - in the initial works, scientists pointed out the great variability of the virus. Now they have managed to study more genetic sequences and conduct experiments.

According to the data obtained, the protein changes in the virus, with the help of which it enters the cells. Scientists named the last mutation isolated G614. Now this subtype has completely replaced the old one and is spreading faster.

As scientists found out, the great infectivity did not affect the course of the disease. These data are based on observations of one thousand patients with coronavirus in the UK. At the same time, researchers believe that faster spread and mutations will make the virus less pathogenic.

A new type of virus multiplies in the upper respiratory tract, so it is important to continue to observe the mask regimen and social distance. Good results in the treatment of a new type of coronavirus were shown by injections of blood serum with antibodies from already ill people.

However, scientists cannot yet say how the new mutation will affect the effectiveness of vaccines currently being developed - for this they need more data and time for research. Scientists also continue to monitor other mutations of the virus, in their opinion, new changes in G614 may affect its pathogenicity.


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