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Tiger cub was rescued from a trap in Primorye

Tiger cub was rescued from a trap in Primorye
Photo: Amur Tiger Center

An Amur tiger cub was freed from a trap in the Primorsky Territory in the Dalnerechensky District. The cub did not receive any serious injuries, and after the specialists of the Amur Tiger Center helped him, he returned to the mother tigress.

As EastRussia was told in the center, the message about a tiger cub in a trap came from a local resident. The employees of the regional Ministry of Forestry, the Directorate for the Protection of Wildlife Objects and Specially Protected Natural Areas and employees of the special group and employees of the Amur Tiger Center went to the scene.

The little predator had to be immobilized, and only then released from the trap. He got into the trap only with the claw of his front right paw. The tiger cub itself, or rather the young tigress, turned out to be only three to four months old, the weight of the cub was about 25 kilograms.

After the examination, the specialists of the center treated the wounds that the tiger received, most likely, while trying to get out of the trap. The injuries did not threaten his life and health, so he was left in the natural environment.

According to the First Deputy Minister of Forestry of Primorye, Alexei Surovy, there is a "badger town" in the place where the trap was found. And a trap of species No. 3, prohibited by hunting rules, was set on a badger. In total, 11 such devices were seized - they blocked almost all the holes of the "town".

As the general director of the Amur Tiger Center Sergei Aramilev noted, the whole earth was wet near the tiger cub, and around the trail of an adult tiger. Probably, the mother-tigress tried to help the cub and most likely was nearby, even when specialists arrived at the scene. Therefore, they acted carefully so as not to provoke the mother to attack. And the kid got into the trap out of curiosity: he began to study the holes of the badgers and got caught.

Experts returned to check the calf four hours later. The baby safely walked away from the anesthesia and went in the direction where her mother was. The center's specialists hope that the tiger cub will be careful in the future. In that place, they set up camera traps.


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