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The countries of the Asia-Pacific region have adopted new rules of conduct at sea

According to CNTV, the countries of the Asia-Pacific region have adopted new rules of conduct at sea. The document was approved at the annual meeting of heads of naval forces of the countries of the western part of the Pacific Ocean. For the first time, China hosted a naval symposium and initiated a new model of relations.

The Deputy Chairman of the Central Military Council of China, Fan Chanlong, personally welcomes all the delegates who arrived in Qingdao at the 14-th annual symposium of naval forces of the countries of the Western Pacific. This year, China, acting as the host country, on the rights of the host called on all member countries to form a new model of naval relations based on cooperation, trust and mutual benefit.

Wu Shengli, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy of the PRC:
"We must maintain peace instead of war, strive for dialogue, not confrontation. This is a win-win option in solving any international or regional problems."

China has achieved what it wants. All delegates supported the new rules of conduct of the Navy of different countries with unplanned meetings at sea. The agreement is designed for a long term.

Jack Steer, Commander of the New Zealand Navy:
"It will help us when our ships meet at sea. The agreement provides an opportunity for understanding and a code of conduct in controversial situations. It will avoid many problems."

In addition, the agreement will help States to cooperate more effectively during various joint operations. The fact that Asian countries can and should interact has been proven by the sad events associated with the search for the missing Malaysian Boeing.

Ray Griggs, Commander of the Royal Australian Navy:
"The agreement will improve the day-to-day interaction between the fleets and the air force. This becomes very important when we are faced with some real difficulties or international problems."

Sri Abdul Aziz Jafar, Commander of the Malaysian Navy:
"This is very important, because ultimately all of this is aimed at preserving human life."

The adoption of new rules of conduct at sea was an important step in the development of naval relations between the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. The next meeting of the symposium will be held in 2016 year in Indonesia.

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