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The timing of the creation of a medicine for coronavirus called a virologist

The timing of the creation of a medicine for coronavirus called a virologist
Pavel Volchkov, head of the MIPT genomic engineering laboratory, stated that a new cure for coronavirus could soon appear. At the same time, mass testing on COVID-19 cannot be dispensed with.

As told in an interview “To the News"Pavel Volchkov, at the moment there is not a single effective cure for coronavirus. The drugs that are used now, in some cases, cause more side effects than they are treated. This is primarily due to the fact that the coronavirus is rapidly mutating, like the flu virus. In order to develop an effective drug and remove restrictive measures, it is necessary to conduct mass testing, the virologist believes. After doctors know exactly what to deal with in each specific case, pharmaceutical companies will be more active in developing drugs for new viruses.

According to the scientist, the only effective treatment for coronavirus is to help the immune system fight the disease by artificially adding antibodies. Scientists of the American company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals are already developing such a drug; in June, the first clinical trials of a new drug should be conducted. If everything goes well, then by autumn an ​​effective cure for coronavirus will be created.

In this pharmaceutical company, to create the drug, they took the strongest antibodies to coronavirus from the plasma of a sick person, then they cloned them. Similar antibodies are also isolated in the laboratories of universities in Israel and the Netherlands.

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