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Cooperation between China and Russia has a huge impact on international and regional affairs

"The upcoming visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to China is aimed at further planning the development of Chinese-Russian relations on the basis of the current high level, as well as continuing the development of high-level relations for the benefit of both countries and promoting the development of the region and the whole world," the former Chinese Ambassador to Russia Liu Guchang in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency.

This visit of V. Putin to China will be an important state visit, during which Chinese President Xi Jinping will hold an in-depth exchange of views with the Russian President on a wide range of issues, including bilateral relations, international and regional issues. "The visit is not aimed at getting Russia support from China, such statements, which appeared against the background of the Ukrainian crisis and sanctions from the United States and Western countries, are incorrect," Liu Guchang stressed.

According to him, despite the fact that the United States provoked the Ukrainian crisis, after which it imposed economic sanctions against Russia, and also exerted military pressure on Moscow, Russia was able to resist this situation. "V. Putin is constantly taking measures, and Russia is quite capable of resisting economic sanctions and military pressure from the United States and Western countries," said Liu Guchang.

In his opinion, at present, the hegemony of the United States in the issue of Ukraine has become obvious. Washington is trying to limit Russia's strategic space from the west and weaken its development, and from the east, by concluding an alliance with Japan and other Asian countries, to curb China's development. "In such a situation, China and Russia have a new opportunity to strengthen cooperation. Both from the point of view of the international situation and from the point of view of promoting their own development, strengthening cooperation between the two countries is very important. And now this opportunity has just appeared," he said. Liu Guchang, pointing to the important strategic chance of cooperation between China and Russia.

Currently, Sino-Russian relations have reached their historic peak. This is the most meaningful and most influential relationship between major countries. "The current Sino-Russian relations of comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction are distinguished by a high level of mutual trust. This is manifested in the fact that each time the leaders of the two countries discuss all issues during a meeting, and during their conversation there are no taboo topics. The leaders of the two countries can conduct an in-depth exchange views on all issues, the parties fully trust each other, "the Chinese diplomat said.

He believes that mutual trust between the leaders of the two countries is also continuously strengthening, and the form of contacts between President Xi Jinping and President V. Putin has also undergone changes. "In the past, contacts between heads of state were limited by protocol rules. Now the framework and forms of their meetings are more diverse, negotiations are no longer limited by time or special topics. Such high mutual trust and deep friendship are also manifested in the actions of the two states, which understand and support each other in important international issues concerning the national interests of the two countries, "Liu Guchang emphasized.

In addition, in his opinion, the high level of bilateral relations also demonstrates that currently there is almost no such area in which the two countries do not cooperate. Moreover, today the scale of cooperation between them is expanding and the level of cooperation is constantly increasing, especially in the trade and economic field. "Earlier, the leaders of the two countries reached a common position on increasing bilateral trade by 2015 to $ 100 billion. I believe that this goal will be realized by the end of this year," the diplomat said with confidence.

As cooperation between China and Russia deepened in the energy, financial, aerospace and high-tech fields, more and more results were achieved. "At present, the parties are continuously promoting cooperation in major strategic programs and are making great efforts in this direction. During the upcoming visit of V. Putin to China, the two countries will sign a number of cooperation documents. It is expected that important results will be achieved in the field of practical cooperation, "Liu Guchang pointed out.

He believes that Sino-Russian relations also differ in that the two countries have similar views on the modern world. "We can say that there are almost no international or regional issues on which China and Russia occupy opposing positions. In almost all international issues, China and Russia provide each other with active assistance, conduct close cooperation and support each other," he said.

In his opinion, this is due to the fact that the two countries are in a similar situation in the international arena and therefore they have common perceptions and interests. "The parties hope that the world will be multipolar and diverse, they do not want to see people all over the world eat only hamburgers and drink only Coca-Cola. The position of the countries is that international affairs should be decided by the peoples of all countries, the world should not dominate by any one state. Cooperation between China and Russia has a huge impact on international and regional affairs, so they are an important factor in the strategic balance. If this influence is not there, then in the modern world there will be an imbalance, and American hegemony will become more uncontrollable, " - stressed the former ambassador.

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