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The media published the income of the new head of government

The media published the income of the new head of government

Kommersant has published revenue data for the new head of government, Mikhail Mishustin. Since the family declaration in a new quality, he will publish only at the end of this spring, the publication assessed his condition according to current data.

As noted by edition, from the latest declaration of the former head of the Federal Tax Service, it follows that the bulk of his cash income is the result of investing income earned before 2010 in the computer business and in the leadership of the structures now controlled by Deutsche Bank.

Mishustin is one of the founders of NP International Computer Club (MKK), a structure organized by several members of the USSR Academy of Sciences in the late 1980s to create a computer market in the country. In 1998, when Mishustin became an adviser and then deputy head of the tax service, he was a wealthy person. The Mishustins family acquired real estate in the cottage village on Nikolina Gora in 2000 on the income earned by them in the MKK.

Mishustin received an apartment on Trekhgorny Val as deputy minister of taxes and duties from the president’s administration. In 2005, the Mishustins issued a donation of an apartment, house, and land to their minor children. According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, this property remains with them now.

In 2008, Mishustin headed at that time one of the country's largest investment companies UFG. Revenues and property were not disclosed during this period, only the salary as a leader for 2009 is known - this is about 79 million rubles. After returning to the civil service in 2010, Mishustin transferred his assets to his wife, she first received dividends and then sold them: in 2013, she earned almost 150 million rubles by declaration, in 2014 - 160 million rubles. In the future, according to media reports, Mishustin’s wife placed the income on deposits, receiving interest on them.

Russian President Vladimir Putin last week appointed Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. Before this, Medvedev and the entire Russian government resigned after Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly.

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