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Xi Jinping called for peace between the Chinese and Japanese people, taking part in the funeral events dedicated to the 77 anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre

Today, as reported by Chinese media, President Xi Jinping attended the mourning events dedicated to the Day of Victims of the Nanking Massacre.

“We should not hate any people just because of the small number of militarists who unleashed an aggressive war. War crimes lie on the conscience of the militarists, not the people, but people should never forget about all the grave crimes committed by the aggressors. In memory of the victims of the Nanjing massacre, it is necessary to encourage in every person the desire for peace, and not to continue hatred. The Chinese and Japanese peoples must be friends from generation to generation, learn from mistakes, move into the future and jointly contribute to the cause of peace for all mankind. " President Xi Jinping said today.

Mourning events dedicated to the Day of Victims of the Nanking Massacre, which was established in February this year, were held on Saturday in Nanjing. The ceremony took place in the Memorial Complex of Victims of the Nanking Massacre, which was opened in August 1985.

At exactly 10:00, a huge choir of servicemen and schoolchildren lined up in ranks, accompanied by a military band, sang the national anthem of the PRC under the national flag at half-mast. NPC Standing Committee Chairman Zhang Deqiang announced a minute of silence, during which everyone bowed their heads and cars in the city stopped. The soldiers of the guard of honor laid wreaths at the memorial, 77 young men and women uttered a "declaration of peace." In conclusion, the organizers released 3 thousand doves - symbols of peace.

Background: The events in Nanjing in December 1937 became one of the bloodiest episodes of the Japanese occupation of China. According to the Chinese side, in Nanjing for about 40 days, the Japanese military killed 300 thousand citizens, with murders being committed with particular cruelty, thousands of women were subjected to violence. Official Tokyo does not deny the massacre of civilians and only diverges in the estimates of the number of victims. Meanwhile, a number of Japanese historians and politicians consider the fact of the Nanking massacre as falsification, which the Chinese authorities use to pressure Japan. These statements cause Beijing's extremely harsh reaction and are often the reasons for diplomatic protests and harsh statements about Tokyo.

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