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Sergei Shoigu summed up the strategic exercise "East-2014"

On October 22, Russian Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu held a meeting with the leadership of the Russian Armed Forces to summarize the results of the Vostok-2014 strategic command and staff exercise (KSHU), the press service of the Defense Ministry reported.

Speaking at the summing up, the head of the military department stated that the tasks set by the Russian President to carry out the strategic East-2014 command-and-control school were completed, and the troops and forces of the Eastern Military District (VVO) demonstrated high field skills and readiness to perform the tasks of ensuring the country's military security.

“The Vostok-2014 exercise has become the largest and most significant event in the operational training of the Armed Forces this year,” said the Minister of Defense. "In accordance with his plan, the issues of ensuring the security of the Russian Federation in the East were worked out according to one of the possible scenarios for the development of the military-political situation."

The head of the military department recalled that the troops of the Eastern, Western and Central Military Districts, units and military units of the central subordination, other power structures, as well as federal executive bodies took part in the event.

To the exercise, Army General Sergei Shoigu reported, over 155 thousand servicemen were involved, more than 8 thousand units of weapons and military equipment, up to 85 ships and 650 aircraft were involved. Practical actions of troops were conducted in the territory of 13 of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

Troops were transported by air at a distance from 5 to 12 thousand km. On the airfields of Sakhalin, Kamchatka and Chukotka from the internal regions of the country were redeployed to 50 long-range aircraft and the 2 command of the Air Force and Air Defense. Military transport aviation made more than 40 sorties, ensuring the transfer of about 3 thousand troops and more 60 units of military and special equipment.

“Given the economic importance of the island territories of the Far East and the large area of ​​the eastern region, the plan of the exercises was supposed to practically work out the actions of troops on isolated operational areas in difficult climatic conditions,” the Minister of Defense emphasized.

"While pursuing the teaching, we pursued several goals, including checking in practice the readiness of priority forces for immediate actions in areas of possible crisis situations, including the Far North and the Arctic," said Army General Sergei Shoigu.

Another goal of the exercises, continued the Minister of Defense, was to “explore the capabilities of the infrastructure of the Armed Forces to ensure the transfer of troops from remote areas of the country in the face of new weapons, military and special equipment.”

Another goal of the exercise was to test the effectiveness of the existing and future control system of interspecific groupings of troops, especially its maritime component, when performing fleet forces of diverse tasks in the near and far maritime zones.

Also in the course of the exercise, questions of the interaction of the Ministry of Defense with other departments and bodies of local self-government of the subjects of the Russian Federation were worked out.

"First of all, these issues concerned the provision of troops at the stage of their preparation for the resolution of crisis situations and during the localization of the armed conflict," the head of the military department said.

Speaking about the results of the exercise, the Minister of Defense stated that "the government and troops began to operate more cohesively and more confidently, there was a tendency for a more precise organization of interaction between the Armed Forces and federal executive bodies."

“In addition, it is important to note that the supply of modern weapons to the troops significantly increased the capabilities of formations and military units in the preparation and conduct of hostilities,” said Army General Sergei Shoigu. “New means of communication and automation have ensured the stability and efficiency of command and control of troop groups and fleet forces.”

The head of the military department also said that, along with positive trends, the strategic command-and-control exercise, Vostok-2014, revealed a number of problematic issues that the Russian military will work on.

"The remoteness and the limitedness of the training areas dictate the need for the accumulation of inventories and the further development of military infrastructure in the eastern region," said Army General Sergei Shoigu.

In addition, the Defense Minister continued, "it is required to strengthen anti-aircraft defense, and, first of all, by supplying modern anti-aircraft missile systems and fighter aircraft to the troops."

“It is necessary to make changes in the system of mobilization training of the Armed Forces, as well as the organization of interdepartmental interaction on mobilization in the Russian Federation. It is necessary to improve the legal framework in terms of the responsibility of citizens for the passage of military training. The results of the measures taken should be taken into account in plans for military development with specific deadlines for eliminating the identified problems, ”the head of the military department set tasks.

The Minister of Defense stressed that "due to the high-quality information support, the teaching caused a wide resonance not only in the Russian, but also in the foreign media space and became one of the key information events in the Asia-Pacific region in 2014."

Evaluating the results of the exercise, the head of the military department stressed that it “vividly demonstrated to the world community the high level of training of the troops of the Eastern Military District and their ability to ensure the military security of the Russian Federation in the Far East”. 

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