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Sberbank created a family of virtual assistants Salute

Sberbank created a family of virtual assistants Salute
Photo: Sberbank press service

Sberbank's new brand has created a family of Salyut virtual assistants: Sberbank, Joy and Athena. Soon they will be available on mobile devices in Sberbank Online and SberSalut applications and in a number of smart devices. Each user can choose an assistant based on their own taste.

As told at Sberkonf, Sberbank's assistant speaks in the voice of dubbing actor Daniil Shcheblanov. He is an introvert, well-versed in technology and uses complex abbreviations, but is easy to talk to and enjoyable to play with.

Joy is an optimist and extrovert, but he respects personal boundaries and helps solve various everyday issues. This assistant is voiced by the dubbing actress Tatyana Ermilova.

Athena helps to structure matters, maintains order in everything and skillfully organizes information. She was voiced by TV presenter Anastasia Chernobrovina.

According to Konstantin Kruglov, CEO of SberDevices, all the assistants of the Salyut family are distinguished by high emotional intelligence: thanks to an advanced dialogue platform, each character is able to maintain a conversation in a manner peculiar only to him.

SberSalut characters can also make an appointment with a doctor, order food, transfer money to relatives and make the usual payments for you. All assistants have the same set of abilities. To activate them, it is enough to say: "Salute!"

Sber also released a multimedia TV set-top box-media player SberBox with Salute assistants and voice control. SberBox allows you to watch many TV channels, videos, play games, listen to music, and transfer tasks to a virtual assistant that understands voice commands.

Another new service is SberPortal: it understands gestures and can call. It is a smart multimedia display with premium acoustics, virtual assistant, touch, voice and gesture control. SberPortal knows how to identify its users and offer them relevant content. The presentation of the device took place at the Sber Conf, it will go on sale at the end of the year.

For the first time, Sberbank will open access to external partners to the Smart Market platform, which will allow both young entrepreneurs and large businessmen to promote products and find new customers through interaction with more than one hundred million Sberbank's audience.

Sberbank presented new brands of a number of its services for private and corporate clients at Sber Conf. Various financial services of Sberbank for the population are now combined under the SberBank brand. The loyalty program "Thank you from Sberbank" is now called SberSpasibo.

Sberbank will work with small businesses and self-employed citizens under the SberBusiness brand, the web version and mobile application of Sberbank Business Online will also be called. Professional solutions for corporations and the public sector entered the SberPro brand. The SberCIB brand includes solutions for companies and financial institutions operating in global markets. The SberInvestments brand includes all retail investment products of Sberbank, including brokerage services for individuals and Sberbank Asset Management. Sber Private Banking, Sber Insurance Broker, SberStrakhovanie and SberNPF also appeared.

Sberbank Asset Management launched an exchange-traded fund for responsible investments. Sber-Responsible Investments, an exchange-traded mutual investment fund (BPIF), has already started trading, which invests in companies whose business complies with the principles of environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance.

The company also introduced SberPrime, a basic subscription to its services for 199 rubles per month. Until the end of the year there are special conditions for the annual subscription - 999 rubles. SberDisk from SberCloud is a new cloud storage. After registration, SberDisk users can upload 15 GB of any files to the cloud for free. SberDisk is part of the unified SberPrime subscription, which also includes discounts on orders in Delivery Club and Citymobil, access to the Okko online cinema, free delivery of products in SberMarket, and more.

As part of the online conference Sber Conf, Director of the Digital Education Platforms Division Marina Rakova presented the school digital platform - SberClass. Since this academic year, students from 65 regions of the country are studying on this platform. All study materials comply with the state educational standard. According to her, SberKlass allows you to build a personalized model of education and helps teachers and students use new learning formats.

The project was supported by the Ministry of Education of Russia and the heads of the subjects. It is aimed at improving the quality of education, introducing modern teaching methods and technologies and developing the country's human resources.

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