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Self-sufficiency in vegetables on Sakhalin is one of the highest in the country

Self-sufficiency in vegetables on Sakhalin is one of the highest in the country
Photo: Press Service of the Government of Sakhalin Region

Farms contribute to the abundance of vegetables in the Sakhalin Oblast. They receive support at both the municipal and regional levels - this gives them an incentive to develop.

The Sakhalin Region has become a leader in the country in providing its own population with fresh vegetables. In the island region, there are at least 20 kg of agricultural products per inhabitant per year. At the same time, on average in Russia, this figure barely exceeds 8 kg, and in the Far East - only 3 kg.

The government of Sakhalin and the Kuriles, taking into account the obviously unfavorable climatic conditions for the development of the agricultural sector, supports the farmers. Large enterprises, which include state farms, create conditions for the construction of greenhouses, increasing production capacity and expanding sales markets. Farms, cooperatives and individual entrepreneurs receive consulting support, assistance in organizing trade and a number of subsidies.

“On my farm, I relied on potatoes. The working area, of course, is not as large as that of large state farms, but we take care of literally every bush. And thanks to careful, careful work, we collect a rich harvest - already in the middle of summer we begin to offer fresh, young potatoes to customers. There is always a demand for potatoes, it is not for nothing that they say that this is our second bread. Last year I was invited for training, told about the benefits of creating a cooperative, the intricacies of paperwork, accounting and certification. This year we are already applying the knowledge of specialists from the west of Russia here, on Sakhalin. We are gradually developing the job market - in addition to potatoes, we began to grow greens and strawberries. I myself would hardly have gathered for such training, but the Ministry of Agriculture called me, ”shared the head of the Farmersky Dvor cooperative Sergei Chun.

The training of entrepreneurs who have chosen agricultural production as their main activity does not end with assistance in paperwork. In order for farms to make money on the sale of their goods, fairs are organized for them - in each of the districts of the Sakhalin Region, new trading platforms are opened annually. In addition, farmers are helped to agree on supplies to existing retail chains, including in a social format, where the margin on products is minimal - no more than 15%.

“We grow the most popular vegetables among the islanders - cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes. We started experimenting with planting mushrooms, there is a small meat farm. In addition, we are developing the market for finished products. This is, first of all, conservation, semi-finished meat products, there are ready-made meals. We try to focus on demand - we have already established cooperation with several retail outlets in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, we also do not bypass fairs - if possible, we take part in each, both during the summer, and in the big autumn fair. They help a lot with applications for such a trade, they always help to arrange all the documents, and give good places. Well, the buyer already knows us: now we are setting up a delivery service, we are accepting orders in advance, "- individual entrepreneur Andrei Rubanov told EastRussia.

Today, the chain of stores of the economy format already includes 715 points in Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands. Several more such stores will be opened in the region by the end of the year. The minimum markup to the producer's price ensures stable demand from buyers, and gives farmers a stable sales channel for the crop.

“Strong own agricultural production ensures the strengthening of the food independence of the islands, a stable supply of high-quality products to the residents in the required volume. It is necessary that fresh high-quality vegetables be available to residents not only of the regional center, but also of all districts, including the most remote ones. The most important priority is the preservation of people's health, and high-quality and nutritious food is a significant component of this task, "said Governor of the Sakhalin Region Valery Limarenko.

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