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Sakhalin will retain the mayoral election: Alexander Khoroshavin

Most municipal authorities in the Sakhalin region will retain direct elections of mayors, the press service of the regional administration said. The principles of the reform of local self-government were considered by deputies of representative bodies of the region, who gathered in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk today.

Reportedly, by November 27, two laws will be adopted in the region, fixing the procedure for electing heads of municipalities, forming representative bodies of municipal districts, as well as transferring certain issues of local importance to the management of rural settlements from urban settlements in the framework of solving the problem of bringing regional legislation. “Under the new law, the subjects of the federation were able to establish the procedure for filling the post of the head of the municipal formation. There are two ways here: either by direct elections, or from among the deputies, in which case the local administration is headed by the city manager.

These two systems have pros and cons. The strongest side of the popular election of the head of the municipality is the presence of support from the population, received during the elections, and one-man management. As a minus, the risk of electing a mayor of a person who does not have the necessary business and personal qualities can be attributed. The advantage of the second system is the creation of a vertical of executive power - from the regional to the municipal levels, ”the head of the region, Alexander Khoroshavin, is quoted in the press service of the regional administration.

As the governor emphasized, in the region they followed the path of maintaining direct elections of heads of municipalities in urban districts, urban and rural settlements.

Only in the Uglegorsk municipal district of the head is planned to elect a representative body from its composition. The representative body of the Uglegorsk District will be formed from the heads of the settlements comprising it, and from the deputies of the representative bodies of these settlements, elected in accordance with an equal representation rate, regardless of the population of the settlement. The reverse changes will take place in the Kurile and Tomarinsk urban districts, in the Mining town of Shakhtar, where the heads of municipalities were previously elected from the representative bodies.

“Legislative innovations were widely discussed in our region: at a general meeting of members of the Union of municipalities of the region, at a meeting of the Council of chairmen of representative bodies of local self-government. In addition, the discussion of bills was held in the districts with the participation of the public. We have received proposals from the administrations and representative authorities of all municipalities. They were taken into account when finalizing the draft regional laws, ”the governor said. Alexander Khoroshavin added that the Sakhalin Regional Duma was recommended to consider regional bills as a matter of priority. After their adoption, within three months, all the charters of the region's municipalities must be brought in line with these laws.

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