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From January 1 2015, the minimum wage in the Sakhalin Region will be 13,25 thousand rubles.

The draft Agreement on the minimum wage in the region for 2015 was reviewed at a meeting of the regional tripartite commission for the regulation of social and labor relations, chaired by Sergei Sheredekin, First Deputy Chairman of the Sakhalin Oblast Government. The minimum wage in the Sakhalin Oblast will be increased twice next year, while from 1 January in the southern and central regions of Sakhalin it will amount to 13,25 thousand rubles, SakhalinMedia reports with reference to the press service of the regional government.

As the head of the regional labor agency Viktoria Kovaleva reported, the increase in the minimum wage will occur in two stages, from 1 January and from 1 October next year. This measure is aimed primarily at ensuring that the minimum wage exceeds the subsistence level of the able-bodied population calculated in the region on a quarterly basis and has a pronounced upward trend in the fourth quarter, and not only in the average annual calculation.

From January 1, 2015, the minimum wage will be 13,25 thousand rubles, and from October 1 - 13,6 thousand rubles for workers in the central and southern regions of our region, where the regional coefficient of 1,6 is applied to wages. In the districts of the region where the regional coefficient of 1,8 is applied (Nogliki and Okhinsky), the minimum wage from January 1 will be 16405 rubles, and from October 1 - 16838 rubles. And in areas where the regional coefficient is 2,0 (Kuril, Severo-Kuril, Yuzhno-Kuril) - 17667 and 18133 rubles, respectively.

In addition, Viktoria Kovaleva recalled that these amounts, as in the Agreement for the current year, do not include compensation payments, such as surcharges for work at night, holidays, overtime, harmful working conditions, combining, expanding the service area. These payments must be made in excess of the minimum wage.

The minimum wage agreement will be signed in December.

Also, the participants of the meeting considered the question of achieving the targets for the average salary in the Sakhalin Oblast for certain categories of employees within the framework of the implementation of the Decrees of the President of Russia from 7 May 2012.

In the first nine months of this year, all the target values ​​for the average salary for all categories of employees in the public sector institutions have been achieved in the Sakhalin Oblast. For all planned targets, an increase in the average wage is ensured even at a faster rate. The Sakhalin Region is in the lead among the regions of Russia in this direction.

Since the beginning of the implementation of the May Presidential Decrees, the salaries of pedagogical workers of kindergartens, institutions of additional education for children, employees of cultural institutions, social workers have increased by an average of 60-70%. For the rest of the budget, salaries rose by a third.

Over the past two years, the average salary increase of more than 15 thousand rubles was received by doctors, teachers and masters of vocational training, employees of cultural institutions. Compared to the 2012 year, on average, 20 thousand rubles increased the salaries of pedagogical workers in kindergartens, institutions of additional education for children, and also working with orphaned children. The average salary of social workers reached 32 thousand rubles, while in 2012, its size was only 18 thousand rubles. More than 56 thousand rubles - the average salary of school teachers. The average salary of nurses increased almost to 45 thousand rubles, and amounted to more than 85% of the average regional salary at the target rate of 77,1%. More than half of the average salary in the region is the average salary of junior medical personnel or about 28 thousand rubles.

In the 2015 year in the region, work will continue to raise the salaries of state employees. For these purposes, the treasury of the region provides all the necessary funds.

- It is clear that someone gets more, someone less than the sounded size, for one reason or another. The question is very important. However, in general, we maintain the indicators, and we achieve our goal, "said Sergei Sheredekin.

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