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Quarantined Russians thinking about buying a summer residence

Quarantined Russians thinking about buying a summer residence
Avito service experts learned how quarantine due to coronavirus influenced the attitude of Russians to summer cottages. About 25% of respondents thought about buying a plot.

According to Avito, the survey was conducted among five thousand residents of Russia from different regions. About a quarter of the respondents said that they are thinking about buying a summer cottage. They explained this need by a desire to leave the city. Moscow residents began to appreciate the dachas especially.

According to the survey, 45% of Russians have cottages, another 27% have a rest at the acquaintances and friends' sites, and 2% take cottages for rent. 21% of Russians do not have a summer residence and they don’t go to anyone - they are mainly residents of cities with a population of up to 500 thousand people in the southern regions, the Caucasus, Siberia and the Far East.

About 14% of respondents spend the whole summer on the site, and 34% go to the sites every weekend in the summer. In any season about 9% of respondents are ready to rest in their summer cottages. At the same time, not everyone is planting: only 42% of respondents are engaged in the garden, and 41% of Russians are not ready to grow anything but shrubs and flowers.

Almost 71% agree that the cottage is needed for gatherings with friends and barbecue. Another 48% believe that a summer house is needed to spend time with family and children, and 51% value their plots for walks in nature in the forest or near rivers. Another 32% go fishing in the country.

For hobbies, dachas are used by 19% of Russians. The most popular activities are hobbies, drawing and reading, but there are also unusual ones - beekeeping and riding pit bikes. Also, 20% of Russians ride bicycles outside the city, and some arrange jogging and rafting. 

The majority of Russians will spend the current summer cottage repairing the site or building a bathhouse. Moreover, the younger the respondent, the more globally the repairs are expected. Earlier, an increased demand for goods for repair and construction was already recorded on the Avito ad service - during the quarantine, the number of requests in this category increased by 86%, the demand for garden equipment increased by another 106%, and the demand for building materials doubled. The overwhelming majority of Russians are going to meet the amount of 100 thousand rubles, and 40% expect to spend from 50 thousand to 100 thousand rubles.

The Russians plan to use their dacha stocks to save in the future, after the restrictions are lifted due to the coronavirus. At the same time, about 46% of Russians lived like this thanks to a good harvest
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