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Rosrybolovstvo appealed to Dvorkovich with a proposal to equalize the tariffs for the transport of frozen fish products from the Far East

Rosrybolovstvo appealed to Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, supervising fish industry, with a proposal to reduce the amount of the railway tariff for transporting frozen fish products from the Far Eastern regions with refrigerated containers to the level of a similar tariff charged for transportation in a conventional container, EastRussia was told in the press service of the agency. The solution of this issue will allow to solve the problems of logistics to a greater extent, rather than a one-time subsidy for the delivery of fish.

So, earlier in 2014, as one of the measures aimed at accelerated import substitution and increase in the volume of supplies of Far Eastern fish to the domestic market, Rosrybolovstvo offered subsidizing the railway transportation of herring from the Far East to the central regions of Russia.

It was about herring, since as a result of counter-sowings, it was estimated that about 100 thousand tons of Atlantic herring per year, previously supplied by import. At the same time, in the cost of this type of fish the transport component is the highest: for herring, the cost of transportation by rail is about 30% of the wholesale price in the region of consumption. In connection with this, it was suggested that during the active harvest of herring (from 1 January, 31 May 2015 year), transport up to 100 thousand tons of frozen herring in priority order without charging tariffs and fees. By calculations, it would take 500 million rubles from the federal budget.

Since this is a rather serious amount, in the conditions of budget sequestration, which, among other things, is subject to the profile program "Development of the fishery complex", they decided to abandon this mechanism. In addition, there is no guarantee that subsidies would lead to a decrease in the cost of fish products on the shelves, rather than settling in the wholesale or retail sector. In this regard, the words of the head of the department Ilya Shestakov about the inexpediency of further elaboration of this issue were sounded.

Another proposed measure is considered more expedient by Rosrybolovstvo - reduction of the railway tariff for the transport of frozen fish products with refrigerated containers. Tariffs for transportation in refrigerated containers at 35-50% exceed the cost of transportation in universal containers at the same cost of the railway for their transportation. At the same time, transportation in refrigerated containers is the best way to preserve the quality of fish. In addition, with their help it is possible to transport smaller lots, which allows the business to more successfully calculate the logistics. In this regard, fishermen see the prospects in using for transportation of fish it is refcontainers.

Thus, taking into account the positive dynamics of the increase in container shipments of fish products, as well as the gradually aging and outgoing fleet of refrigerator sections and isothermal wagons, Rosrybolovstvo considers it expedient to support the technology of transportation in refcontainers by reducing the railway tariff to the level of tariffs for transportation of universal containers, EastRussia explained to the press -Service Rosrybolovstva.

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