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Doctors explain the difference between coronavirus vaccines

Doctors explain the difference between coronavirus vaccines

Now in Russia three vaccines against coronavirus have been registered. All of them have good indicators in the formation of immunity, but they have several fundamental differences. Doctors believe that their simultaneous use will allow the formation of a more stable collective immunity.

As they write "News", Now Russia has registered the vaccines" Sputnik V "," EpiVacCorona "and" KoviVak ". Thanks to these three drugs, it will be possible to vaccinate up to 80% of the population in a short time. Moreover, if you use a drug different from the first one for revaccination. Then the immunity will be more persistent.

According to doctors, the main advantage “Satellite V"In versatility. But for its storage, it is necessary to observe the temperature regime: about -18 degrees. This makes transporting the drug more difficult. True, now the vaccine has already begun to be produced in a dried form, which can simplify logistics.

The second vaccine is "EpiVacCrown"- safe for people with allergies, immune disorders. This drug can even be supplied to people with cancer, the elderly and those who have comorbidities. It is also easy to manufacture.

The third drug is “KoviWak"- easy to store and transport. The product does not require deep freezing. However, due to the fact that it is made from a live virus, special safety conditions must be observed for its production. So, most likely, only the developer - the center of them will be able to produce it. Chumakov.

At the same time, doctors will be able to draw more detailed conclusions about each vaccine only in a year. According to Konstantin Khomanov, a general practitioner and founder of the Doctor's Handbook mobile application, it will be necessary to understand how the drugs affect the elderly, children and adolescents. This will require a comparative analysis.


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