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Pensioners indexed for working pensioners in August

Pensioners indexed for working pensioners in August

The annual adjustment of pensions will begin in Russia on August 1. Since that time, pensions of working pensioners will increase.

If a pensioner is working, then insurance pension contributions are deducted from his salary, so the pension should be increased taking into account the payments received to the Pension Fund of Russia. According to information "Russian newspaper”, The increase for the year cannot be more than three pension points. In 2019, the cost of one point was 87,24 rubles, and the maximum amount - three pension points - could not exceed 261,72 rubles. In 2020, one point is equal to 93 rubles, therefore, an increase in the pension can amount to 279 rubles.

The more points accumulated during work, the higher the pension will be: points are multiplied by their actual value, and then the amount of the fixed payment is added to the received value. In 2020, it amounts to 5 rubles.

To increase the pension you do not need to visit the FIU or other bodies - everything happens automatically. According to PFR estimates, pensions will increase in 80 thousand Russians by 9,13%. The participants of the pension co-financing program, who will receive urgent payments rather than a funded pension, will receive benefits increased by 7,99%. Such a scheme will affect 32 thousand Russians.

The average amount of the funded pension is 956 rubles, and the urgent payment is 1 rubles per month. Citizens who have an accumulative part of the pension less than 705% of the total pension provision, accumulated funds are paid at a time. According to the Ministry of Labor, about 5% of Russians receive lump-sum accumulated over the years of work.

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