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Putin against dual citizenship for officials

During the plenary session of the Truth and Justice ONF media forum, which takes place in St. Petersburg on April 24-25, Far Eastern journalist Ruslan Ovchinnikov suggested that the president tighten the patriotic filter for those in power and planning to get into it. This issue, according to the journalist, is relevant, especially for such a strategically important region like Sakhalin, where, as it turns out, politicians and officials with ties to the United States come up every now and then. As an example, the correspondent spoke about the foreign business interests of Aleksandr Verkhovsky, a member of the Federation Council from the Sakhalin Region.

To which Putin replied that there is no need to restrict representatives of Russian business in the right to obtain citizenship of another state.

"As for business - large, medium, and small, - I do not think that we should completely limit people in this regard. We are an open, free country, a person has the right to live and have any citizenship," he said. The president.

He recalled that Russia recognizes as an institution of dual citizenship. According to the head of state, people with dual citizenship or without citizenship should enjoy equal rights in all areas, except political.

On the other hand, such people should understand that if they are engaged in business and have dual citizenship, it will attract public interest, including from the media, Putin noted.

"But this does not mean that we should completely stifle the possibility of people to obtain a residence permit or citizenship in another country," the president said. Life, he added, is diverse and there are various circumstances, including those related to the family, the possibility of carrying out professional activities.

"Therefore, it seems to me that we should not introduce any already very strict restrictions," the head of state said.

As for politicians and managers, Putin believes that their second citizenship is in conflict with the interests of Russia.

He recalled the oath of allegiance that new US citizens take to their Fatherland. “When a person then works in the authorities of another state, conflicts of interest may arise, bearing in mind that the interests of our state do not always coincide with the interests of other states,” the president said.

As an example, he led Sakhalin, where projects are being implemented to produce liquefied natural gas, which compete with US shale gas projects. "In my opinion, the state should think about this and ensure its interests in this sphere," Putin said.

According to the president, "many states do so". "For example, in Austria, Norway, if a person obtains the citizenship of a foreign country, he automatically forfeits the citizenship of Austria or Norway. And these countries are not so few. States are very closely following this, these are not only formal things. And we should do it here, "the Russian president said.

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