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President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) made an investment message for 2014 year

18 April Egor Borisov, President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) addressed with an investment message, in which he noted key problems in attracting investments, and also gave several specific instructions to the executive branch of the Republic. Here is the text of the Message with abbreviations:

As you know, Yakutia is a dynamically developing subject of the Russian Federation with high rates of economic growth and ambitious investment plans, built into a single logical system for the development of the Far East and the Russian state as a whole.

This is confirmed by the growth of the main macroeconomic indicators, which is largely due to the implementation of the Integrated Development Scheme. The huge reserves of natural resources in the republic are estimated at more than 3 trillion dollars.

Today I said that, having such wealth, we must live in dignity and have higher incomes. Yakutia today occupies a leading position in the Far Eastern Federal District and in the whole country: in the production of gross regional product per capita, in terms of investments in fixed assets, including foreign ones.

I will cite a few figures that support this conclusion. The volume of investments in fixed assets over the past three years amounted to about 600 billion rubles. In the structure of investments by sources of financing, the share of enterprises' own investments is growing, which has reached 45 percent today. It is especially pleasing that the volume of work performed on the type of activity "Construction" for three years amounted to a third of this amount. It should be emphasized that the bulk of investments is made up of mixed private and private capital, which prevails over state participation.

We should talk about the factors that prevent us from moving forward. Take into account the objective difficulties associated with the specifics of the republic. First of all, the problem of infrastructure development, which requires significant investment resources.

Among the main negative factors, I note, first of all, the high cost of credit resources, which are difficult for small businesses and start-ups.

The presence of administrative barriers is one of the most difficult problems for business, which is being eliminated very slowly. Complicated and lengthy procedures for obtaining permits are an extremely important issue related to the registration of land plots, connection to engineering networks.

For business in the northern territories of the republic the main problem is high energy tariffs.
To solve all these issues, the painstaking daily work of the authorities is needed. From these problems derive our priorities.

But today I would like to officially appeal to the business community of the republic. Please submit, before 1 of June this year, draft solutions to your problems. I need concrete, clear proposals on what needs to be done at different levels of government: federal, regional or municipal. We simply can not afford to talk about problems.

We need to form "pilot" territories of advanced development. This has been said a lot lately. It is primarily about the creation of industrial, agrotechnological parks, technology parks and special economic zones. The development of all these forms, except for special economic zones, we must initiate independently and develop with the participation of federal authorities.

I would like by 1 August, following the results of the first half of the year, and as a result of our today's work, to hear the proposals from the government of Yakutia to create the first industrial parks in the city of Yakutsk and in the territory of South Yakutia. Before this date, the government should conduct an audit of land. It will be a great busy work. It must be carried out in such a way as to provide all conditions for investment sites, to think over the necessary engineering, transport and telecommunications infrastructure.

Another tool to attract investment in the economy, which we all know, but do not use, are the money savings of citizens. More than 28 billion of citizens' savings is in free circulation, but is not involved in economic and financial turnover. For information, in the world about 80 percent of the population's savings are working to develop the economy, in general for Russia 16 percent, in Yakutia - less than 10 percent. I emphasize the attention of the government of the republic on this issue.

The following: investment in intellectual capital.
The trouble is that in 90 and at the beginning of 2000, we did not do this, as a result we have problems in staffing the economy today. Whatever good quality projects we have prepared, specific people will implement them. Therefore, today we need to pay a lot of attention to primary vocational education, training for the real sector of the economy - we need to restructure this system. Our graduates of schools and universities do not have business skills. It is necessary to review the programs of general education, primary and secondary vocational institutions. Of course, it is necessary to strengthen the vocational guidance work.

Young people need to tell stories of successful business development in the republic. The Ministry of Youth has a good experience of acquaintance of graduates, schoolchildren with professions demanded by the economy of the republic. While this happens on the initiative of one person, but it is necessary that it becomes a state policy.

The next task is to expand the export opportunities of the republic. Yakutia should have its “firm” status in the competitive struggle for investment resources. Must have your image. Such that everyone knew about us and talked about us, interested in our development and opportunities.

We are well aware that the peculiarity of our region is our natural resource potential, which makes it absolutely attractive for everyone. I am ordering the government to create a regional export support center. Most recently, the delegation of the republic took part in the IV Annual Investment Forum in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). During this forum, Yakutia was presented to more than one hundred countries of the world.

The presentation of the republic aroused great interest among the forum participants. This interest must be warmed up and maintained. Appropriate work should be systematic. The experience of attracting funds from the World Bank, with which we have been cooperating for three years, proves that it is the daily work and constant contact that is effective. Only in this way can we expand the export opportunities of the republic.

And the last. We need to actively work at the level of municipalities, to increase their investment activity. We understand that the possibilities of municipalities are limited, but there are examples of good initiatives. For example, the city of Yakutsk attracts investments in municipal sector projects. Such opportunities are Mirninsky and Neryungri districts, many other municipalities of the republic. Some municipalities take part in republican projects, to the extent possible, co-financing them. This is not enough, but we need to support and expand this work.

I also recommend that the heads of administration appoint investment representatives in your structures so that you can work with them directly.
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