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The government intends to allocate 500 million rubles. to subsidize the delivery of herring from the Far East

Rosrybolovstvo proposes to compensate part of the cost of shipping Pacific herring from the Far East to the European part of Russia, the Kommersant newspaper reports. According to the estimates of the department's experts, transportation costs account for about a third of the final cost of this inexpensive fish.

"In the case of salmon and other expensive fish, the transport component plays an insignificant role in the final cost," explained Vasily Sokolov, deputy head of the Federal Agency for Fishery.

It is proposed to subsidize the infrastructure component of the tariff, which is 5,2 rubles. for 1 kg. If 50% of the rate is reimbursed from the federal budget, it will be necessary to allocate an additional 239 million rubles, to reimburse 100% - 478 million rubles.

Who exactly - carriers or senders - will receive this money is still unknown. Market participants fear that the only recipient of subsidies will be Refservice, a subsidiary of Russian Railways, which controls 22% of the refrigerated transport market.

If the entire structure of the Russian Railways is directly subsidized, there is a risk that, as a result, it will not reach the operators, the head of the All-Russian Association of Fish Producers and Exporters believes, Alexander Fomin.

According to him, it is necessary to reimburse the tariff component directly to wholesalers or even networkers under the concluded contracts. On the one hand, this will stimulate retailers, on the other, it will help bring the subsidy to the final cost of the product.

Earlier, the head of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture Nikolai Fedorov said that "tens of billions of dollars" would be required to support the agricultural sector by the end of the year.

According to the minister, speaking on the air of "Russia 24", this amount is necessary for Russian farmers to be able to provide the market with products that will not come from Western countries, since they were included in the list of prohibited for import into the Russian Federation.

He noted that in the following years, it would be necessary to allocate about 100 billion rubles to support agrarians. According to Fedorov, farmers need money in order to fulfill their production plans according to a forced scenario.

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