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The Government of Chukotka is considering the possibility of buying fish from the population

The government of the Chukotka Autonomous Region is considering the possibility of implementing a program to purchase fish from the population of the region, the press service of the head of the region reports. According to Leonid Nikolayev, head of the Department of Agricultural Policy and Environmental Management of the Chukotka Autonomous Region, such events can have a positive effect on both the domestic market of the region and employment of the population.

- At present, the residents of Chukotka, including the communities of the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the region, do not have the opportunity to develop the fishery complex due to the lack of ways to sell the caught fish. The internal needs of the community require less than half of the products that they can get during the fishing season, - Leonid Nikolaev explained. “We are developing activities that broaden the reach of communities and enable them to financially benefit from the fish caught.

Leonid Nikolaev drew attention to the fact that today a successful example in this area is the initiative of ZAO Chukotka Trading Company - the enterprise has equipped the shores of the Anadyr estuary with freezers with shock freezing technology and accepts fish caught by the Northern Route and Kasatka communities.

Alexander Rudchenko, a representative of the Chukotka Trading Company in the city of Anadyr, said that cooperation between the enterprise and the communities is viewed primarily as a social project without any commercial benefit.

- Since the beginning of this current year, the indigenous communities have sold more than 1,2 thousand heads of chum salmon to the enterprise, for each of which the fishermen received 125 rubles. While the fish is being sent to the internal needs of the company, however, in the future, retail sale of fish in the company's stores is expected, - said Alexander Rudchenko. - The project is aimed at developing fisheries and involving the population of Chukotka in more active traditional activities.

Alexander Rudchenko noted that this year the initiative is being tested. If, on the basis of the results of the project, the project shows positive results, then its implementation will continue next year.

The head of the Department of Agricultural Policy and Environmental Management emphasized that on the basis of this initiative, the regional Government is considering the possibility of distributing a project to buy fish from the population in the coastal areas of the whole of Chukotka.

- It is expected that government support will also be directed to fish processing and the sale of finished products from it. For this, the villages of Chukotka will need to be equipped with special equipment for storing, processing and transporting products, ”emphasized Leonid Nikolaev. - In the future, goods produced in the region will be sent to educational and healthcare institutions in Chukotka, as well as to the shelves of local stores.

A new program for the development of the fisheries complex is being developed on behalf of the governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Region, Roman Kopin.

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