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The fire situation in some areas of the Amur region is worsening

Today, professionals from the Central District of Russia arrive in the Amur Region to help the Amur rescuers and volunteers: 50 paratroopers from the Rosleskhoz aviation center. At the same time, additional forces have already been attracted to the region in the person of 55 specialists from the federal reserve, and a hundred from the Far East, the press service of the administration of the Amur region reported.

The situation with wildfires in the Amur Region is still tense, growing and extremely difficult. At the morning meeting of the Committee for Emergency Situations, the prevailing weather conditions in the region, Konstantin Chmarov called "unbearable": in some areas the temperature exceeded 30 degrees Celsius, which, together with the strong wind, the direction of which is constantly changing, aggravated the already difficult fire situation. It is dangerous to extinguish fires in strong wind conditions, therefore, during such periods, forces and resources are directed to maximum control over the fire. The most active extinguishing of fires is carried out in those periods of time when conditions are optimal for people to work: the wind becomes weaker, and the temperature decreases. So, over the past night in the region it was possible to localize four fires and completely eliminate three.

In this case, in the coming days, forecasters predict a noticeable decrease in temperature and even rain in places. Not only Amur firefighters but also residents of those villages that are threatened with fire are pinning their hopes on the sharp deterioration of the May weather.

Recall that in the region, the state of emergency has already grown from an exclusively “forest” scale to the ubiquitous. Konstantin Chmarov instructed the heads on holidays and weekends to remain in operational readiness, not to leave areas, always be in touch and, most importantly, do not reduce close control over the course of fire prevention measures to prevent the transfer of wildfires to settlements - under personal responsibility. “From you, from the heads of administrations, the result and efficiency of work completely depend: are you capable of maneuver, forecasting, planning, implementing competent and coordinated actions with all involved structures. To no misunderstanding was not. In this mode, we need to survive, let's hope, another week. So far, the weather conditions do not allow us to relax at all, ”said the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the region to the heads of municipalities. In the state of "constant rapid response" now there are heads and residents of some villages of Svobodnensky, Blagoveshchensky and several other districts.

The work of the territorial fire-fighting staffs does not cause any complaints, there are no complaints about the heads of districts, - the head of the regional headquarters Konstantin Chmarov noted today. “However, despite the fact that the specialists are on fire suppression around the clock, people work in difficult physical conditions for weeks without leaving the forest, additional equipment is involved — the fire situation in some areas is only getting worse.

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