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The Epistle of Yegor Borisov to the State Assembly of Yakutia: to live in a prosperous republic and in a strong Russia is a common goal for every citizen

At the beginning of his speech Yegor Borisov turned to the President's words, which he delivered in his annual Address 4 December, confirming that large-scale plans for the development of the Far East will be realized.

The Head of the Republic noted the high growth rates of the gross regional product, investments in fixed assets and real wages in the region compared to the average indicators of the regions of the Russian Federation. He also noted that the average life expectancy of the population in Yakutia in 2010–2014 increased from 66 to 69 years. The republic is steadily among the regions of the country where there is a high birth rate and a positive rate of natural increase.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Republic notes, Yakutia is becoming the largest oil and gas center in the east of the country. So this year the construction of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline was launched in the capital of the republic, the first start-up complex of the Udachny underground mine was commissioned, an auction for the development of the Tomtor rare earth metal deposit was held. The construction of the Yakutskaya SDPP-2 began, the construction of power grid facilities continued, a start-up complex of the Tommot-Yakutsk railway line was put into temporary operation

Another important event was the turn of the view to the north of Yakutia. 2014 year was announced in Yakutia as the Year of the Arctic. About 2,5 billion rubles was invested for these purposes, including more than 500 million rubles allocated for the renovation of the housing stock.

Considered Yegor Boris and the three-year budget for 2015-2017 years, discussing the tasks of which the Head of the Republic notes that against the backdrop of Western sanctions, changes in the dollar's exchange rate and the unstable situation in the world market, the government will have to manually operate all enterprises.

Another task from the field of budgetary policy is the transfer of authority from the settlement to the district level and their financial support within the framework of changes in federal legislation.

At the same time, the implementation of the Concept of increasing the wages of workers in the budgetary sector of the economy of the republic remains a priority. To 2018, the incomes of state employees in real terms should grow by 70 percent. This year, 60 billion rubles were allocated for these purposes, or almost 80% of the republic's own revenues.

The task of developing the vast territories of the country can not be mastered without transport infrastructure. The construction of the railway access road to the Inaglinsky coal complex, the construction of the regional motor roads Amga, Kobyai, Aldan and Umnas, the liquidation of difficult sections of the Kolyma highway, and the exit of the Vilyui highway are already underway.

The Head of the Republic considers vital the renewal of the river and aviation fleet on a scale corresponding to the tasks of "northern deliveries". Subsidizing air transport should be linked with the development potential of the territories. Considering the significant increase in the volume of delivery of goods for the next three years, in connection with the implementation of major projects, it is necessary to establish a special procedure for cooperation with the company Gazprom and RAO "Energy Systems of the East".

The main for Yakutia infrastructure project will be the creation of the Yakut transport and logistics hub. This project will give a new impetus to the development of the republic's economy and bring the Yakut people to a completely different level of life.

As for the business environment, as noted by Yegor Borisov, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) has already been included in a pilot project to test the reform of state control, supervision and licensing functions to reduce excessive pressure on entrepreneurs. The preparation of the relevant normative acts is scheduled for 2015 year. Dear colleagues, we must actively participate in this work. To remove excessive pressure on the business, sometimes accompanied by elements of corruption, he asked the government to submit his proposals for the experiment. Starting from the threats of the destructive policies of Western countries, it is necessary to seek other levers of real support for entrepreneurship, the Head of the Republic asserts.

To this end, Yegor Borisov suggested that the government continue to saturate the Entrepreneurship Support Fund and, until 1 2015 March XNUMX, determine how the region plans to further simplify procedures for obtaining permits for construction, cadastral registration, registration of property rights, property leasing, etc.

In the field of taxation, the Head of the region proposed to extend the effect of reduced tax rates on a simplified taxation system. The interests of small businesses should be met in the framework of improving the patent system.

Yegor Borisov in his message stressed that in the coming years the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) should become a pilot territory of the Far East for introducing the best practices for creating a favorable business environment. The target task for the coming years for the region is to involve at least 40 percent of the actively employed population in the business environment.

Paradoxically, the sanctions war and import substitution policy give us an additional chance to provide our own food needs and to fill our market with environmentally friendly goods of local agricultural producers ", - said Yegor Borisov.

In the field of housing construction, given the magnitude of the problem and the limited budget, in the coming years it will be necessary to concentrate financial and human resources on four main tasks. First: the liquidation of emergency housing, by September 2017, more than 1400 emergency homes, recognized as such before 2012, should be resettled. The second: stimulation of individual housing construction by providing with land plots, engineering infrastructure. Third: the construction of housing for specialists in the field within the framework of the nationwide movement of good deeds "My Yakutia in the 21st Century." And the fourth: the so-called pilot project, for the implementation of which in 2015 it is necessary to provide at least 200 million rubles. In addition, actively participate in federal programs to address the housing problem. Our strategic goal is to bring the annual volume of housing construction up to 1 million square meters of housing to 2022 year, without changing.

Our main initiative in the field of ecology is the creation of the Ecological Fund of the Republic with the involvement of all subsoil users and other organizations that produce waste. It is necessary to achieve, says the Head of the region, that each company-subsoil user from 2016 year had a comprehensive program of environmental protection in its area of ​​operation. For this it is necessary to adopt a special republican law. It is necessary to approve the national plan for the development of forests in Yakutia and create a general system of gardening in the republic.

According to the President of the Russian Federation, civilian control is the most effective force that forces officials to comply with the law. Continuing this line, according to Yegor Borisov, the need for civil and public control over the mass media has long been ripe. The conversation is not about censorship, not about restricting freedom of speech. And about the objective assessment by the expert community of the legitimacy of certain resonant publications. The general conclusion in this area of ​​management is that responsibility should become a constant in all links of the chain "power - media - society".

In conclusion, the Head of the region said the following words: "Today, people often live by the formula - to work only for themselves and for themselves. But is the desire to live in a prosperous republic and in a strong Russia can not be a common goal for us? Can this not become a great sense of mutual responsibility for us? Is it not possible to become a personal, personally significant installation for every Yakutian? "

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