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Japan is the leader in life expectancy of women

Iceland is the leader in life expectancy among men, Japan is among women. This is stated in a new report by the World Health Organization (WHO), according to the press service of the WHO

People on the planet live longer than before. The girl, born in 2012 year, can live about 73 years, the boy - about 68. This is 6 years over 1990.

The most significant progress was achieved in low-income countries, where, over the period from 1990 to 2012, the average life expectancy increased by 9 years. The largest growth was recorded in Cambodia (from 54 to 72 years), Liberia (from 42 to 62 years), in the Maldives (from 58 to 77 years), in Rwanda (from 48 to 65 years), Timor-Leste (from 50 to 66 years) and Ethiopia (from 45 to 64 years).

“One of the main reasons for this significant increase in global life expectancy is the decline in the number of children dying before age 5,” said WHO Director-General Margaret Chan. “But there are still significant differences between rich and poor countries: people in high-income countries are still much more likely to live longer lives than people in low-income countries.”

The life expectancy of a boy born in 2012 is about 76 years on average in a high-income country — 16 years more than a boy born in a low-income country. For girls, this difference is even greater - 82 of the year versus 63 years.

Life expectancy for women, no matter where they live, is longer than that of men. In high-income countries, the differences between male and female life expectancy are greater. Women live there for about 6 years longer than men. In poor countries, this difference is about 3 years.

In Russia, women's life expectancy is 75 years, men - 63 years, in Ukraine - 76 and 66 years, respectively. In general, the life expectancy of Russians for 22, the year has not changed at all, but in Ukraine has grown by only one year.

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