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The food factory for the production of Yakut cheese does not produce its own capacity

The Yakutsk food processing plant "Kladovaya Olekma" last year produced 24 tons of cheese, and this was the limit of its effectiveness. At the same time, the capacity of the enterprise is designed for much larger volumes. In addition to this problem, in the Olekminsky district over the past 13 years, the sown area has decreased by 68%, the harvest of grain has decreased by 8 times, and the livestock population has halved, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

The Olekminsky lands on which the enterprise is located are in the south of the region, and accordingly have great opportunities for breeding cattle. However, the district is remote from the markets, so in the majority of cases the dairies were located in separate remote Yakut villages. However, diamond miners in the region about 10-five years ago decided to produce more profitable, in their opinion, products - cheese for expensive Dutch technology.

At first, the plant ramped up production, but soon after the construction of the ESPO oil pipeline began in the region, young people living in the region began to go to work on the construction site, and then to maintain the pipeline. There is much more money in this area than milk delivery. As a result, cows were put under the knife. This state of affairs coincided with the failures of the main supplier of raw materials for cheese (milk) - the Olekminskaya agricultural company, which never managed to get a loan for the necessary equipment. So, from year to year, milk supplies began to decline, and, accordingly, the supply of cheese.

They built big plans to increase the number of livestock, expected to put into operation four new livestock complexes, but could not even master one. They put a box on their money. To buy equipment hoped for credit. However, it was not possible to obtain a loan. As a result, it turned out that even the salary people had nothing to pay.

According to the head of the plant, Galina Tergyulyeva, the equipment makes it possible to double the production of cheese, however, due to the declining supply of milk, even in Yakutsk stores there is no wide access to the products of Pantry Olekma. And, alas, there are no opportunities for expanding production.

The brand of Yakut cheese "Olekma Pantry" was included in the list of 100 best goods of Russia.

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