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Mine water processing was launched at the Denisovsky GOK in Yakutia

Mine water processing was launched at the Denisovsky GOK in Yakutia
Photo: press service of Kolmar Management Company LLC
Special project Yakutsk Initiative

The mine water treatment station was launched at the Denisovsky GOK by the Kolmar company. The official opening took place today, August 27. The capacity of the project is calculated taking into account the maximum capacity - the station processes two thousand cubic meters of mine water per hour.

According to the press service of UK Kolmar LLC, the mine water treatment facility project is being implemented using the patented Russian technology of water treatment and water purification DYCLAR. Mine water is purified to drinkable values, and after the purification process meets all the requirements for discharge into a fishery water body. The purified water flows into the Dezhnevsky stream.

As the general director of the company "Kolmar" Artem Levin noted, one of the most important areas of the company's activity is to work to minimize the negative impact on the environment; advanced methods and technologies are used in the construction of facilities.

All dirt, sludge remains in special filters, which are automatically washed with clean water from the tanks for their own needs. The dirt enters the slurry water tanks, after which the water settles, the thickened slurry is sent back to the settling tanks, and the clarified water is sent to the tanks for their own needs. This process takes place in a closed loop.

The complex of treatment facilities is designed in such a way as to implement a circulating water supply - a pipeline project for supplying purified water to the needs of the Denisovskaya enrichment plant for household, drinking and industrial purposes is under development.

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