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South Korean Parliament: Pak should visit Moscow regardless of US opinion

Members of the South Korean parliament believe that the visit to Moscow on May 9 is a good opportunity to strengthen the country's relations with Russia and the DPRK. They urge President Park Geun-hye to visit Moscow without fail, despite the US statements about the inappropriateness of such a step, writes The Korea Times.

The parliamentarian, Sim Zhe Kwon, noted that the participation of the United States in the issue of the expediency of visiting Moscow by the President of South Korea is not required. “If Kim Jong-un goes to Russia, Park must also attend the festivities on May 9th. This is a chance to significantly improve relations between the two countries ", - said one of the deputies.

As previously reported in EastRussia, Russian President Vladimir Putin invited the leaders of the two Koreas to celebrate the 70 anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany. The presidential administration reported that "nothing has been decided yet."

However, some experts believe that even if President Pak Kun Hye arrives at the event, this does not mean that he will necessarily meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-no. So, Yang Mu Jin, a professor at the University for the Study of North Korea, pointed out the possible obstacles to such a meeting: "If the heads of the two states had already had a summit before, Pak could meet with Kim - the professor explains - But since they are not at all familiar with each other, such a meeting is unlikely to take place. "

Others, on the contrary, believe that Pak and Kim can meet in Russia, but this will be a regular meeting, not an official one. So, Chang Yong-seok, senior researcher at the Institute of Peace and Reunification at the National University of Seoul, explained: "There will not be a summit with an approved agenda, but Pak can face Kim and they can greet each other". Many experts, even this small gesture, find it useful to establish inter-Korean relations.

"We are approaching the point where balanced diplomacy becomes more important and a short meeting with Kim can become sufficient for Pak to improve tensions between North and South Korea" - said Mr. Chang Yong Sok.

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