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The lack of publicity in the processes of attracting migrants to the regions of the Far East is disastrous for small businesses

“As you know, a specially created interdepartmental commission, headed by the first deputy chairman of the Government of the island region Sergey Sheredekin, is in charge of making decisions on the distribution of quotas for attracting foreign workers. The composition of the commission consists exclusively of representatives of the authorities in one way or another related to the process of agreeing and approving quotas. Sergey Sheredekin's commission responds to numerous requests with a request to involve representatives of public business organizations in the commission with a constant refusal, citing the fact that the federal legislator did not provide for such an opportunity for public organizations, ”explains Yuri Dyakov, chairman of the Sakhalin OPORA RUSSIA.

He took part in a meeting of the heads of the regional branches of the All-Russian Organization chaired by the President of OPORA RUSSIA Alexander Kalinin in Khabarovsk. The participants in the meeting agreed that in a crisis, small businesses in the Far East need not so much support, the press service of the Sakhalin OPORA RUSSIA reports.

Alexander Kalinin fully agreed that the decision-making process on attracting foreign labor should be transparent.

In the opinion of Yuri Diakov, the permanent reluctance of the interdepartmental commission to publicize its work may serve as an excuse for an anti-corruption evaluation of the activities of the responsible persons. "The small and medium-sized business of the Sakhalin Region, directly tied up to attract foreign labor (and this is construction, production, services, etc.) has already experienced a major shock earlier this year with stricter legislative conditions for labor migrants. The reluctance of the interdepartmental commission to interact with business threatens to literally knock out the remaining entrepreneurs from the saddle ", - Diacov notes.

According to the head of the Sakhalin OPORA RUSSIA, the process of attracting foreign workers to Sakhalin Oblast reached its bureaucratic peak. “The coordination processes in engaging inter-agency commissions at the review stage are only part of the problem. Considerable efforts are given to entrepreneurs by the stage of coordination with a number of supervising ministries, where the slightest non-observance of virtually the same institutions differently interpreted by different specialists threatens each applicant with refusals to attract the labor flow they need. ” this issue regions of the Far East.

Как reported earlier EastRussia, the Far East is faced with the problem of the outflow of migrants. 

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