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About 400 Far Easterners stuck in Thailand

About 400 Far Easterners stuck in Thailand
About 400 tourists who flew to Thailand in March 2020, still can not fly to their homeland. The Russian Foreign Ministry refers to the need for decisions on the part of regional authorities, and regional authorities refer to closed borders by decision of federal departments.

Now in Thailand, residents of the Amur and Sakhalin regions, Primorsky, Khabarovsk and Kamchatka territories are still waiting for flights to their homeland. According to the lists compiled by the tourists themselves, 280 people are ready to fly to Vladivostok, and another 99 people - to Kamchatka. And these numbers are constantly growing as tourists join organized communities. All of them arrived in Thailand before the border was closed, but most of them did not use the services of tour operators, but drove on their own.

As Khabarovsk Marina Fialkovskaya told EastRussia, she planned a vacation a year ago. She was able to match the dates and place her entire company - nine people.

“We have pensioners, hypertensive patients, one of the girls in our company with cancer. And now we just don't know what to do: the medicines are running out, ”notes Marina Fialkovskaya.

They were supposed to leave Thailand on March 28, but since then there has not been a single flight to the Far East. Recently, they began to export Russians to Moscow and St. Petersburg. A few days ago, a flight to Irkutsk took place, but the Far East were not taken on it.

“Every day we go to the airport, we specially live in a hotel nearby. For the last Irkutsk flight, two of our group were nearly taken, but time was running out, the residents of Buryatia agreed for a very long time - they got to the flight literally at the last moment. The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs literally with us called each passenger to the governor of the Irkutsk region and coordinated everyone, ”says Khabarovsk.

They didn’t get on this flight, next time they intend to try to get on the flight April 18 to Vladivostok. At the same time, all the remaining tourists filled out, as suggested by the authorities, all the necessary profiles on the website of the State Services. They turned to the local representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, regularly calling the regional authorities. However, tourists say that they met only misunderstanding from the local authorities: they supposedly took everyone away; and heard advice, advice to contact the Foreign Ministry.

“It seems that everyone forgot about us and did not even think that there could be independent travelers. It’s just as if we no longer need anyone. - Khabarovsk is indignant. - We are ready to undergo observation, we are not going to run anywhere. And here we are almost like in an observation: the airport is a hotel and that’s all. ”

Most of all, tourists are afraid of the unknown: in addition to medicines and money, they end up with a visa. A visa extension will cost about two thousand baht - this is about five thousand rubles. Hotel accommodation for one person costs one thousand baht per day. What will happen if the visa is not extended - they do not know.

Among other things, the islands of Thailand are already closed - so tourists from Samui and Pattaya will not be able to get to the airport in Bangkok. And at home, many employers do not want to extend their vacations due to days off. And what will happen upon returning home, tourists now also have difficulty representing.
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