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New tools increase returns in the world of sports and sports betting

New tools increase returns in the world of sports and sports betting

Not so long ago, the main tools for assessing the effectiveness of playing tactics and personal characteristics of players for the coach were only his own experience and eyes. 

However, today this is no longer enough. The world of sports is a special business niche, which means that the analysis of sports processes must be objective and comprehensive. Recently, two areas of sports analytics have been developing most intensively:

1. Prediction of outcomes.

For the most part, fans and bookmakers are interested in the relevance of this information. Betting is an integral part of big sport, but it also needs to be approached consciously. Sports betting school from Betbelarus will help experienced players to raise their qualifications to a new level, and will acquaint newcomers with the most up-to-date information. 

2. Improving performance.

These data are needed directly by representatives of clubs (or athletes in individual sports) and their sponsors.

With the introduction of IT technologies, new horizons have opened up. Now such key aspects as objectification of the training process and identification of internal problems that have remained hidden from prying eyes have become available.

Big Data technology systematizes and evaluates the most important indicators and aspects of the game model, providing the result in the form of a large-scale report.

This information is relevant for all participants in the process. For example, for the athlete himself, this is an opportunity to discover and strengthen a weak point, and raise a good result to an excellent one. The speed (movement of a free player, with the ball, acceleration) and positional (number of effective passes, relevance of movement) characteristics of each player in the team are also evaluated, allowing the coaching staff to determine the most appropriate tactics for playing the game. 

For the official representatives of the clubs, this is a great opportunity to provide the team with new players that are suitable in all respects, as well as not to miscalculate with their cost. A personal approach is more important here than ever.

Most of the attention is focused on the strategy called “XG”, or expected goals. Its main value is the ability to evaluate every attack on goal from all sides.

A huge plus of IT technologies is the simplicity and versatility of their use. To decrypt the data, you do not need to wait a month or buy expensive equipment: the already processed information after a training session or a game comes to the players' and the coach's mobile phones. And they just have to draw the right conclusions.

Since the demand in this industry is only growing, many do not waste time and build on this lucrative business. Almost all football clubs have a staff of analysts at their disposal. There are also individual companies, which either provide equipment for conducting analytical sessions, or offer services for the collection of information of interest.
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