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Khabarovsk rally held against constitutional amendments

Khabarovsk rally held against constitutional amendments

On Komsomolskaya Square in the center of Khabarovsk, an agreed rally was held against the adoption of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The townspeople have many questions for voting, but one amendment angered the residents the most.

The meeting was organized by representatives of the local headquarters of the Communist Party. The first secretary of the regional branch of the Communist Party Sergei Ilyin noted that the protesters have several requirements. 

"We do not like the fact that we are encouraged to vote for the amendments in a package. Yes, there are indeed the necessary proposals. But the last amendment, which was approved on Tuesday, made it clear that all this is being done only to prolong Putin's power," said Sergei Ilyin. “In addition, the discussion of amendments to the main document of the country cannot take only two months - our airports were given names for about six months! It is also unclear what mechanism will be used for voting. Judging by the fact that no separate law was adopted, the CEC resolution was not discussed, and it is not called elections, it may turn out that those who will organize all this will not be restrained either by criminal or administrative responsibility. This is in the hands in case of stuffing-in and other violations. Well, in order to accept any changes, you need really expert advice, lawyers, not athletes and artists who do not have legal knowledge. "

In addition to the Communists, libertarians, representatives of the left front from Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Vyazemsky, entered the square. As the Khabarovsk citizen Dmitry Vladimirov said, in the amendment package is simply "bomb".

"I came to speak out against the lawlessness of the authorities, which legitimizes their anti-popular actions. We are offered to vote, but, in fact, this is such a lottery. They say, vote, there is a lot of useful information. But there is a" bomb. " change separately and, it turns out, our state does not give us a choice. And Valentina Tereshkova, who made the last amendment, I think it is necessary to deprive all titles. After all, she herself has promoted some thoughts without asking anyone, " Khabarovsk resident. 

At the same time as the rally, headquarters activists recorded in observers. Those who sign up will then be invited to study and sent to the plots on April 22. Those wishing to observe the vote did not run out even after the end of the rally. 

The latest amendments to the Constitution, including the "zeroing" of presidential terms, were approved by two days ago. Regional parliaments also approved the changes. And lay down your deputy mandate after such amendments, a deputy from Yakutia decided.

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