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One million rubles can be saved up the fastest in Chukotka

One million rubles can be saved up the fastest in Chukotka

Experts have calculated how long it takes for the Russians to accumulate one million rubles. On average, this period is 18 years, but in Chukotka it is more than two times less.

The rating was made by experts RIA News... They took the average salary in the region as a basis. The residents of Kabardino-Balkaria will have to save the longest - almost 25 years. The Far Eastern regions were significantly higher than others in the ranking.

In the first place in Russia is Chukotka. Here a million can be accumulated in 7,8 years. At the same time, only 0,5% of employees will not be able to do this even in 30 years.

The fourth place was taken by the Magadan region. Residents of Kolyma will need an average of 9,8 years to create such savings. And only 30% of workers will not be able to create such a reserve even in 0,2 years.

Kamchatka is not far away. Working residents will also be able to save for a period less than the national average - for 11,4 years. Here, as in the Magadan Region, there is a small proportion of those who will not succeed - 0,2%.

Next is Sakhalin. The terms of accumulating a million here are almost the same as in Kamchatka - 11,5 years. But the share of workers who cannot save is higher - 0,5%.

A similar situation is in Yakutia, which experts ranked ninth. It will take 11,8 years to save, but not 1,2% of the population.

Further, with a large margin, in 14th place, was the Khabarovsk Territory. It will take 15,8 years to save. But 30 years will not be enough at once 2,5% of the population.

Also nearby, on line 16, is the Amur Region. For a million, it will take 16 years to postpone, and 30% of residents will not be able to become millionaires even in the 3,1th anniversary.

Primorye was even lower, taking 19th place. It will take 16,5 years to save here. And 7,3% of residents will not be able to save a million.

The Jewish Autonomous Region was in 23rd place. Although they will have to save only six months longer than in the Primorsky Territory - 17 years. It is not possible to save enough 5,5% of the population.

Transbaikalia is in 25th place by a margin. It will be possible to become a millionaire here in 17,6 years. But the share of those who cannot save is high - 10,1% of the population.

Buryatia has the worst result among the Far Eastern regions. Experts have identified the subject on line 34, and it will be necessary to accumulate one million more than the average for Russia - 19 years. And 5% of residents will not be able to postpone the required amount even in 30 years.

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