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Best Websites for Learning English Grammar

Best Websites for Learning English Grammar

English has long become important for most people - it is international, and in any country the chance of finding an English speaker is much higher. It is also important for work, and not only in another state, but also in Russia.

That is why its study is becoming more and more popular. The Internet offers tremendous opportunities to learn a foreign language from the comfort of your home.

This is especially true now - during a pandemic. Although at any other time it is not very convenient to find free hours for trips to a tutor or to a group. In this article, we will tell you about three sites that are considered the best for learning English grammar.

British Council

The portal offers a program for learning English, and it is best to start with a test that will help determine the level of proficiency in a foreign language. It will take you a little time - 10-15 minutes, but you will understand where to move on and how.

The Grammar section has three tabs: from beginner to pre-intermediate, from intermediate to top, and the third tab is grammar reference.

The description of the section says that the study of grammar goes along with practical tasks that will help not only to assimilate the material, but also teach how to use it.

This is the site of Oksana Dolinka, known to many who study English as a teacher. She proposes to move away from the classical methodology and teach grammar with the help of video and audio lessons, in which all the material is presented as simply and clearly as possible.

Each lesson learns one rule, but does not focus on cramming it, but helps to learn with the help of oral exercises, teaching to apply the material in practice. Thus, a reliable foundation is formed that helps to understand the interlocutor literally intuitively, to speak to oneself without thinking about how to apply this or that rule - after all, thanks to such lessons, it has already been introduced into consciousness at the reflex level.

In addition, learning in this way is much easier and more interesting in general than reading boring and dry formulations, trying to figure out how to apply them. Oksana Dolinka's BistroEnglish method will help not only those who already know and know something, but also beginners who have barely started learning a foreign language.

Easy World of English

The site offers a classic structure for learning English, starting with grammar: everything is scattered into sections, the visualization of the material is created using pictures, everything else is given in text versions. It is possible to tighten up your pronunciation, improve your reading skill.

Whichever site you choose to study English grammar, you should firmly grasp one thing: without this subject, you will not succeed in learning a foreign language. This is the basis that makes it possible to freely operate with words, phrases, sentences, read and write, understand the interlocutor, even if not all the words in his speech are familiar to you.

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