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Coronavirus in the Far East: information on the morning of April 4

Coronavirus in the Far East: information on the morning of April 4

Now in Russia, coronavirus has been confirmed in 4 people in 149 regions. In the country, 78 people died from COVID-19. Discharged from hospitals 34 recovered. 

Coronavirus in the Amur Region

In the Amur region, only one case of coronavirus has been confirmed. The patient's condition is satisfactory, the disease is mild. There are ten people in the isolation ward who have been in contact with the patient. In the observatory, deployed on the basis of the Volkovskaya medical outpatient clinic, there are 11 Chinese citizens, all of them are healthy.

Now the regime of self-isolation at home in the Amur Region is valid not only for people over 65 years old and people with chronic diseases, but also for pregnant women. The laboratory service of Rospotrebnadzor examined 1 people. If necessary, the region can conduct up to 733 studies per day.  

Coronavirus in Buryatia

In Buryatia, the largest number of cases of coronavirus in the Far Eastern Federal District is still - 31. The condition of six patients is assessed by doctors as consistently grave, they are in the intensive care unit.

Six people are suspected of COVID-19, the circle of contact persons is 1 people. There are 081 people in the Republican infectious diseases department. These are contacts with patients and citizens who have returned from abroad with respiratory symptoms.  


Coronavirus in Jewish Autonomy

There are three cases of coronavirus in the Jewish Autonomous Region, no new cases have increased per day. Two suspicious analyzes were sent to the Novosibirsk center "Vector", two more are being investigated in a local laboratory.

In the Oktyabrsky district, where quarantine was introduced, disinfection of all public places is carried out - buses and stops, gas stations, the central square, the territories of several institutions. The management companies were given chlorine-containing substances for wet cleaning in the porches. 


Coronavirus in the Transbaikal Territory

No cases of coronavirus have been registered in Transbaikalia. 19 transport passengers were tested for COVID-1 symptoms. We paid special attention to those coming from Buryatia.

The region continues to take toughened measures against the spread of coronavirus. They will be weakened over the next ten days if COVID-19 does not appear in the region. But the Transbaikalia authorities do not plan to cancel the ban on the sale of alcohol.  

Coronavirus in the Kamchatka Territory

No cases of coronavirus have been identified in Kamchatka. Some associated the resignation of Governor Vladimir Ilyukhin with the region's unpreparedness to fight COVID-19, but the regional Legislative Assembly denies this, noting that the peninsula has everything you need for treatment and examination.  

The region has a self-isolation regime, and the sale of beer is limited. At the airport, sanitary and quarantine control measures have been strengthened, absolutely everyone who arrives is checked. 


Coronavirus in the Magadan Region

In the Magadan region, one person is susceptible to coronavirus, there are no new cases of the disease. In district hospitals, a bed fund was created for the temporary isolation of persons with suspected COVID-19. An observatory was organized in the Snezhny complex, an infectious diseases hospital was deployed for 41 beds, an infectious diseases hospital on the Marchekanskoye highway, 44 was put on high alert.

The Polyus company will donate artificial lung ventilation devices (IVL) to the region. Three ventilators have already been delivered to the Magadan regional and Ten'kinsky regional hospitals, and several more devices will be delivered in the near future. 

Coronavirus in the Sakhalin Region

No new cases of coronavirus were detected in Sakhalin Oblast; COVID-19 was confirmed in five people. The bacteriological laboratory in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is increasing its coronavirus testing capacity and intends to bring them to two thousand by the end of next week.

In the region, the regime of complete isolation was extended until April 30. For passengers arriving from Moscow on March 19, quarantine will be extended, as one of the arrivals was diagnosed with a lung disease. The airport was disinfected, and passenger buses were treated in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.


Coronavirus in the Primorsky Territory

Seven cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Primorye - COVID-19 was found in two more people. The diagnosis was confirmed in a woman and a man who at various times returned to Primorye from Japan and Egypt. 

Two cases were previously discharged, and one patient died. A 52-year-old man had confirmed bilateral pneumonia. He has been in the hospital since March 29. All this time he was in the intensive care unit.

But there is some good news. A Primorsky schoolboy has invented a program that will help doctors remotely monitor the health status of citizens in quarantine. It is already being used in clinic number 9 in Vladivostok.

Coronavirus in the Khabarovsk Territory

In the Khabarovsk Territory, the coronavirus was confirmed in ten people - eight in Khabarovsk and two in Sovetskaya Gavan. COVID-19 is suspected in eight people. Three of the patients were on the mend, while no one was discharged.

4 people are currently in quarantine, 105 at home, and 4 in observators. 062 people were tested for coronavirus in the region. In Khabarovsk, two additional laboratories are being deployed for testing; they will be opened on the basis of the Viveya Consultative and Diagnostic Center and the Center for the Prevention of AIDS and Infectious Diseases.

The streets of the regional center began to be disinfected with special chlorine solutions. On suburban routes, the number of buses is reduced, and the number of flights to Moscow will decrease. 


Coronavirus in Yakutia

There are no new cases of coronavirus in the republic, the diagnosis was confirmed in 15 people. At the beginning of the next week, several patients can be discharged from the infectious diseases wards at once, if a double-check of the tests shows a negative result. 

Also next week, the authorities may ease the self-isolation regime in the republic. However, this will only happen if the situation with coronavirus patients does not get worse. 

Coronavirus in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

In Chukotka, there are still no cases of coronavirus. The district has a regime of universal self-isolation. At this time, duty groups in kindergartens will work in the region.

An early census was postponed in the region, and new measures to support entrepreneurs were envisaged. 

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