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Coronavirus in the Far East: information on the morning of April 28

Coronavirus in the Far East: information on the morning of April 28

Now in Russia the coronavirus has been confirmed in 87 147 people in 85 regions. 19 people died from COVID-794 in the country. 7 recovered from hospitals were discharged. 

Coronavirus in the Amur Region

In the Amur region, the coronavirus was confirmed in four more people. The region now has 40 cases of COVID-19. New cases appeared in Blagoveshchensk, Belogorsk and Tynda.

Now 35 people are receiving treatment with COVID-19, 16 have a mild disease, six have no symptoms, 13 have developed community-acquired pneumonia. Five patients with COVID-19 were completely cured of coronavirus.

The authorities of the region from April 29 to May 13 will restrict entry and exit to the Free and Svobodnensky district. On the roads, a checkpoint will be organized, where police, the Russian Guard and doctors will be on duty. One case of coronavirus was confirmed there, however, they decided to tighten measures because of large construction projects in and around Svobodny.

Coronavirus in Buryatia

In Buryatia, the number of patients with coronavirus reached 227. In a day, 19 people confirmed COVID-18 in the republic.

Currently, 143 patients, including six children, are in the infectious diseases hospitals with a confirmed diagnosis. In the intensive care unit, two patients remain in serious condition, one is connected to a ventilator.

The authorities of the republic planned to relax restrictive measures, but due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the city hospital of Ulan-Ude, on the contrary, they will be tightened. This will affect the capital of the republic and the border Zaigraevsky region. 


Coronavirus in Jewish Autonomy

In the Jewish Autonomous Region, the number of cases of coronavirus has reached 114. New patients have appeared in Birobidzhan, Oktyabrsky, Smidovichsky and Obluchensky districts.

More than 30 patients required hospitalization in the hospital, the rest undergo outpatient treatment. Nine people have already recovered, 883 are in home quarantine.

Authorities passed amendments to the law on the retail sale of alcoholic beverages in the region. The retail sale of alcohol can be banned if a high alert regime is introduced in the municipalities or settlements where quarantine is officially declared.


Coronavirus in the Transbaikal Territory

In Transbaikalia, the coronavirus was confirmed in 103 people. During the day, COVID-19 was confirmed in seven residents. Almost all of them had contact with previously infected people.

Now in hospitals 87 patients with a confirmed diagnosis are receiving treatment, including 16 children. For the entire time of the epidemic in the Irkutsk region, 16 people were cured of the coronavirus, two were discharged the day before.

Due to the coronavirus, the authorities of the Trans-Baikal Territory decided to limit trips to cemeteries on their parent's day. An exception will be made only for the burial procedure.

Coronavirus in the Kamchatka Territory

In the Kamchatka Territory, coronavirus was confirmed in 195 people. COVID-19 was detected in 58 patients per day. The main growth was provided by the construction industry, contractors working at the facilities of the Ministry of Defense. 

To receive patients and patients with symptoms of coronavirus, additional capacities were deployed in a military hospital. There are 98 people. Most people with a confirmed diagnosis tolerate COVID-19 asymptomatically. Now four patients are in serious condition, one is connected to a ventilator.


Coronavirus in the Magadan Region

In the Magadan Region, 91 people have been confirmed to have coronavirus. COVID-19 was found in three more people per day.

Two people with coronavirus died in a hospital. This is a man of 68 years and a woman of 85 years. Both had concomitant chronic diseases. 

Coronavirus in the Sakhalin Region

In the Sakhalin region, coronavirus was confirmed in 22 people. COVID-19 was found in a passenger of an aircraft who arrived from Moscow on April 25. On board with him were 43 people, each passed a medical examination at the airport and passed an express analysis.

19 people went to specialized observers, the rest observe strict quarantine at home. The order of the chief sanitary doctor about compulsory self-isolation was received by members of the families of passengers.

Now there are three patients with coronavirus in the infectious diseases hospital, 19 Sakhalin residents have already recovered. 


Coronavirus in the Primorsky Territory

In Primorye, 302 cases of coronavirus were recorded. During the day, the diagnosis was confirmed in 24 more people, including 11 Nakhodka ambulance employees. All of them were in contact with the first sick.

After the discovery of new patients with coronavirus in the Vladivostok Clinical Hospital No. 2, seven more departments were closed. Patients will be referred to the Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1, Artyomovsk City Hospital No. 1 and the FEFU Medical Center.

Coronavirus in the Khabarovsk Territory

In the Khabarovsk Territory, 439 cases of coronavirus have already been confirmed. During the day, COVID-19 was found in another 33 people - residents of Khabarovsk and the Vaninsky district. All of them had contact with previously infected.

Currently, 384 people are being treated, six of them are in serious condition, three are connected to artificial lung ventilation devices. In 85% of patients, the disease is mild. 50 people have been cured of the coronavirus in the region, five patients with COVID-19 have died. ⠀


Coronavirus in Yakutia

In the republic seven more cases of coronavirus were confirmed per day. Now 164 residents have been diagnosed. Six people in Yakutsk and one in Khangalassky ulus became new cases. All of them had contact with previously infected. 

120 people receive treatment for coronavirus in infectious hospitals. Three patients are in critical condition, two people are connected to a ventilator.

At one of the deputies of the State Assembly of Yakutia coronavirus was previously confirmed. The circle of his contacts has already been isolated. A mandatory mask regime is introduced in the capital of the republic. Starting April 28, when visiting public places and using public transport, citizens are required to use medical masks.

Coronavirus in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

In Chukotka, coronavirus is still confirmed in 11 people. The first sick man recovered. 

Six people with COVID-19 are being treated at home under medical supervision. Five people worked together or contacted the previous infected. In four, the disease proceeds in a mild form, one patient is an asymptomatic carrier. Three people were hospitalized at the Coal Mines Hospital, one at the Egvekinot Hospital. 

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